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What to eat with schizophrenia

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What to eat with schizophrenia

The symptoms of early onset of schizophrenia are varied, but most patients will have the following conditions. 1. First of all, sleep disorders are prone to occur, such as poor sleep for about 1 week in a row, difficulty falling asleep, multiple dreams, early awakening, and even conventional sedative and hypnotic drugs cannot make them fall asleep normally, which is a recurrence or early manifestation of schizophrenia . Mood disturbances, hallucinations, and delusions follow. This is the most common, and sleep disorders are early manifestations; 2. Suspiciousness, hearing voices out of thin air, hostility to people, decline in work ability and living ability, reluctance to communicate with people, etc., are also early manifestations. So if you are sure you have schizophrenia, what can you eat to relieve it? 1. The diet of mental patients should be light and nutritious, such as chicken, yogurt, tofu, brewer's yeast, halibut, peas, sunflower seeds, etc.; intake of foods rich in nicotine, such as broccoli, carrots, five rice, eggs, Squid, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Whole Wheat. 2. The following nutrients should be supplemented: Folic acid: the dosage is as prescribed by the doctor. Studies have shown that folic acid has a good therapeutic effect on mental illness, and it is very beneficial to the brain. 3. B vitamins plus vitamin B12: A lack of B vitamins has been linked to brain dysfunction. Sometimes very high doses of certain vitamins have to be taken to keep the mind functioning properly. The above are the relevant guidance or suggestions on what diet to eat for schizophrenia patients, but if the mental classification is particularly serious and affects life, it is still recommended that you seek medical treatment in time.


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