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What not to eat with psychiatric patients

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What not to eat with psychiatric patients

Psychiatric classification is a serious mental disorder of unknown etiology. Its high morbidity requires patients to take medicine for about 3 years. It may take 5 years for one recurrence, and for more than 2 recurrences, it is necessary to take medicine for life. So what are the dietary taboos for schizophrenia patients other than taking medicine? 1. Avoid crystal products that produce phlegm and wind. Fatty meat, eggs, peanuts and other greasy indigestible foods and fried foods. Spring mustard, mushroom, garlic, eel, crab, goose and other phlegm-producing and wind-producing products. So as not to promote phlegm and heat, disturb the heart orifice and cause disease. 2. Avoid tobacco, alcohol, tea and coffee. Demented patients are best not to smoke. Coffee and tea should also be avoided at night. Both coffee and tea can cause excitement in the cerebral cortex, leading to insomnia and aggravating schizophrenia. Drinking alcohol, long-term drinking can lead to conflict between drugs and alcohol, which can easily lead to cerebral palsy, and severe food poisoning, which is difficult to rescue. 3. Spicy and stimulating food. Such foods can cause nervous excitement, such as onions, peppers, hot sauce, chili oil, etc. Therefore, you should eat less spicy food. 4. Fasting food that nourishes yin and nourishes the kidney and is prone to anger. People may think that nourishing yin and nourishing kidney foods are better, but schizophrenia patients should fast. Such as deer antler, aconite, Morinda officinalis and other health care drugs. 5. Avoid using hormones. Hormones can induce psychiatric symptoms, unless they are not used, they should generally be included in the list.

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