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Patients with autonomic nervous disorder, eating these foods can relieve

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Patients with autonomic nervous disorder, eating these foods can relieve

Autonomic disorders are also called autonomic disorders. It is composed of two major systems, sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve, which mainly control myocardial, smooth muscle, visceral activity and glandular secretion. Common causes of plant disorders include environmental factors, disease factors, and personality factors. 1. The external environment will affect the patient's neurological function. Some adverse stimuli factors in the external environment will cause neurological dysfunction, such as replacing some new environments, or some sudden events, which will affect the patient's psychology. 2. Disease factors can also affect the neurological function of patients, such as cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, traumatic brain injury, etc., resulting in dysfunction of the central nervous system, resulting in damage to the nervous system and disturbance of neurological function. In our daily life, we should pay attention to eating more vegetables and fruits containing vitamin c and vitamin e, such as carrots, persimmons, bananas, etc. You can eat nuts, such as walnuts and jujubes, which can nourish the heart and calm the nerves and eliminate mental fatigue. 1. Lamb: It contains ingredients that promote the function of human internal organs and blood vessels. 2. Carrots: Eating carrots can make the adrenal cortex hormones strong, inhibit the stimulation of the outside world to the spirit, and improve the symptoms of neurological disorders. 3. Mushrooms: Since the brown part of mushrooms contains melanin, it can act on the nervous system and stabilize and stabilize the autonomic nerves. 4. Wakame: Wakame can prevent symptoms such as irritability and agitation caused by insufficient calcium intake. 5. Wheat: Wheat contains pantothenic acid (vb), which can produce ethanol, and ethanol can conduct nerve stimulation to stimulate the autonomic nervous system. Pantothenic acid can prevent autonomic disorders.

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