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Is there a link between mental disorders and insomnia and depression?

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Is there a link between mental disorders and insomnia and depression?

Insomnia and depression are both types of mental disorders, and they are also the types of mental disorders that are more harmful. From major surveys Baogai shows that psychological counseling patients mainly suffer from depression and insomnia, so people think of mental disorders as these two diseases. Depression, anxiety and mental disorder is the brain is affected by harmful factors, and the function is disordered. Believing that someone is trying to harm him, believing that the spouse has an outsider, etc. This is under the influence of hallucinations, and the patient will make up the discussion, ridicule, accusation, abuse, etc. of the people around him. Seeing strange pictures, asking about strange smells, etc. These patients are emotionally abnormal, frowning all day long, lose confidence in their lives, blame themselves, deny themselves, etc. Insomnia and depression are relatively serious mental illnesses. The physical and mental harm is very great, so it needs to be treated as soon as possible. Central Plains conditioning, Western medicine treatment, you can find a nearby psychiatric hospital to see, early detection and early treatment. In fact, we can choose psychotherapy for daily conditioning: including interpretive psychotherapy and analytical psychotherapy. The main purpose of interpretive psychotherapy is to guide patients to correctly understand and treat the mental factors that cause disease, to understand the nature of the disease, to help patients analyze the defects of personality, and the ways and formulas to overcome personality defects.

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