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7 tips to help you protect your hearing? I hope everyone will stick to it

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7 tips to help you protect your hearing? I hope everyone will stick to it

The ear is the only organ that can receive sound, and if one or both of the hearing loss is impaired and cannot hear what others say, it is judged to be deaf. Once hearing loss cannot be reversed, prevention should be focused on and active protection of hearing should be done.

How can I protect my hearing?

1. Refuse to dig ears. Do not use external ear scoops, matchsticks or fingernails to dig ears, otherwise it will damage the tympanic membrane deep in the ear canal, causing traumatic tympanic membrane perforation, and in severe cases, purulent otitis media, or fungal otitis media. Otitis externa. If the ear is itchy, you may wish to wipe it with 75% alcohol, and the depth of the wipe should not exceed 2 cm. 2. Stay away from high-noise environments and do not go to environments with too much noise, especially game halls, KTVs and dance halls, etc. Noise prevention and sound insulation should be done during decoration. Because continuous exposure to high-noise environments can easily lead to hearing aging, a quiet and comfortable learning and living environment should be provided to prevent hearing from being affected by noise. 3. Avoid water entering the ear canal. After bathing and swimming, the ear canal should be cleaned in time. Once the ear is found to be swollen, it should be disinfected with a 75% alcohol cotton swab, mainly wiping around the external auditory canal, which can prevent ear canal infection. 4. Control the time of wearing headphones, especially not in noisy places, such as stations and subways. Frequent exposure to sounds above 85 decibels will not only cause deafness, but also affect intellectual development. High-volume audio can cause fatigue and damage to the auditory organs, resulting in hearing loss and, in severe cases, sudden deafness. 5. Adjustment of negative emotions such as anxiety, depression or fear can cause capillary spasm and contraction, slow down the blood flow of the inner ear auditory blood vessels, thereby causing microcirculation disorders, resulting in ischemia and hypoxia of the inner ear auditory nerve, thereby causing sudden deafness. 6. Maintain the internal and external pressure of the eardrum. The air pressure changes greatly when flying. In this case, you should wear the eardrum; you can also chew more chewing gum to protect the tympanic membrane. 7. Early treatment of colds When there is a cold, sinusitis or rhinitis, it is necessary to actively reduce inflammation and instill the nose to maintain smooth nasal breathing. To master the correct way of blowing your nose, you need to hold down one nostril and blow your nose, so as to prevent the virus from invading the middle ear. The family doctor said that people of every age group should take good care of their ears and stay away from high noise. They cannot wear headphones or sleep with headphones in noisy environments such as subways, entertainment venues, and markets. Usually should eat more foods containing B vitamins, refuse smoking and drinking, maintain moderate exercise, and actively control weight. Middle-aged and elderly people should stabilize blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipids to prevent these factors from affecting the nervous system; early treatment of various diseases such as deafness, otitis media, tinnitus and ear canal abscess. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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