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Four Seasons Ways of Nourishing Stomach in Xinxiang Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Four Seasons Ways of Nourishing Stomach in Xinxiang Traditional Chinese Medicine

The fundamental principle of health preservation in four seasons is to nourish yang in spring and summer and yin in autumn and winter. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, human health should conform to the changes of the four seasons, that is, people and the four seasons are an organic whole, and only by conforming to the laws of nature can we get healthy. Stomach diseases are closely related to seasons and climates. Therefore, we must adopt different methods of nourishing the stomach in different seasons, so as to ensure the health of the stomach. The method of nourishing the stomach in spring 1. To maintain an optimistic and positive mood, because bad emotions will affect the digestive function. 2. To quit smoking and avoid alcohol, avoid eating cold, greasy or other irritating food. 3. Develop good eating habits to avoid overeating and irregular eating. 4. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and participate in physical exercise appropriately, which can not only eliminate bad emotions, but also enhance physical fitness. In the hot and humid summer, people usually have low appetite, insufficient intake of nutrients, and the body's resistance is also in a weak state. In addition, if the food is stored improperly in summer, it is easy to deteriorate, and it is easy to cause digestive system infection if eaten by mistake. 1. To ensure adequate sleep, pay attention to the balance of life and rest. 2. Don’t be greedy for the cold in summer, let alone stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time, because the doors and windows in the air-conditioned room are usually closed, the indoor air is turbid, and bacteria grow. 3. The daily diet of patients with gastrointestinal diseases should be based on light and refreshing food, which can not only promote digestion, but also appetize, and avoid eating greasy and spicy food. The season of nourishing the stomach in autumn is also a season of frequent gastrointestinal diseases. Because the weather in autumn changes greatly, it is neither as hot as summer nor as cold as winter. People often neglect to prevent cold, which can easily induce or aggravate gastrointestinal diseases. 1. Be sure to keep warm and prevent cold, add or reduce clothes in time during the day, and cover the quilt at night. The key is to prevent the abdomen from getting cold, so as not to cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other discomforts. 2. In terms of diet, pay attention to light, fresh, easy-to-digest, and nutrient-rich foods. You can also take small meals and frequent meals, so as to ensure that there is food in the stomach to neutralize gastric acid and prevent excessive gastric acid secretion from eroding the gastric mucosa and ulcer surface. 3. People's emotions are closely related to the incidence of gastritis and peptic ulcer. Therefore, it is necessary for patients to maintain a good mental state and a peaceful state of mind to avoid being affected by negative emotions such as tension, anxiety, and irritability. In winter, the weather is cold in winter, and the most important thing for patients is to do a good job in preventing the cold, so as not to cause gastritis in the cold weather. 1. Be sure to keep warm. The quilt covered at night must be kept warm, especially to prevent the abdomen from getting cold. 2. In winter, you can eat more high-calorie foods in moderation, which can improve the body's cold resistance. 3. Many people hope to enhance their physique through physical activity, and feel that the early morning is the best time to exercise, but this is not the case. Because the photosynthesis of things is weakened at night, the carbon dioxide concentration in the air is very high in the period before dawn, so even if you want to exercise in the morning, you have to wait until after dawn.

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