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What kind of existence is the third party of "gender psychology" in the hearts of men?

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What kind of existence is the third party of "gender psychology" in the hearts of men?

Encountering emotional betrayal is a very painful thing. Compared with the impact on life and the damage to self-esteem, it is the most "fatal". The reason why many people can't get out of the pain after emotional betrayal is to a greater extent. Doubt about self-worth and self-charisma. Did he really betray me because she was more attractive and better than herself? Does this mean that he loves her more than I do? The truth is not like this. We can see from the people around us that some men are looking for third parties who are not better than their wives. From a psychological point of view, the reasons why men cheat are mostly related to the following three points

First, the pursuit of excitement and freshness

After cohabitation or after marriage, as the time together becomes longer, the passion and freshness between each other will gradually fade away and return to a plain life. When life lacks condiments, one will doubt the true meaning of life and the other person's position in one's heart, and will seek novelty and the so-called "feeling of heart" in a third person driven by desire.

Second, the marriage relationship exists in name only

The two parties only maintain the superficial marriage relationship, but in fact there is no emotional maintenance between the two, and neither can Providing each other with psychological and physical needs is only forced to "consume" this marriage relationship due to reality. At this time, if there is a person who can provide emotional value to oneself, it will undoubtedly be like a beam of light shining in the dark night, rationally telling oneself "no", but driven by emotion, he still can't help the other party move closer.

Third, there is a problem with the concept of marriage

The marriage relationship is normal, and there is not much conflict between husband and wife, but the man has cheated and betrayed the marriage, In this case, it is very likely that there is a problem with the concept of marriage or there is a personality defect. You cannot feel love in a normal marriage relationship, but can only be obtained in some abnormal relationships. For the first case, the third party does not have a heavy weight in a man's heart, and the substitution is also very strong, because he knows very well in his heart that such feelings are just the spice of life, and he has not done a good job of divorcing his wife. The third party's intention to enter the family. But in the second case, attention must be paid. In this case, the third party's weight in the other party's mind is difficult to replace. Her existence seems to him to reinvigorate his life. In this case, the probability of a third party ascending will be very high, and it will be more difficult to recover. In the third case, the third party is more like a "tool man" in the eyes of men to obtain emotional stimulation. It is difficult for a person to stabilize in a relationship, no matter who he is married to, the result will be the same. If Men will not change their marriage unless they change their relationship. As a wife, no matter what the reason is for a man to cheat, it will not change the fact that he betrays his marriage. What you need to think about is to have a clear understanding of the current marriage relationship and know your own value and position in the marriage relationship. . If you choose to divorce, when is the best time to divorce? How to reduce the damage of this marriage accident to your heart? Get the compensation and rights you deserve to the greatest extent possible? How to arrange the future life? If you are not ready to divorce, both parties should calmly assess the current marital status, find out the existing problems and solutions, and make corresponding constraints to prevent similar problems from recurring. The biggest difference between love and marriage is that two people in love can be together with only one passion, but if a marriage wants to develop, you must learn to manage it with your heart! What problems have you encountered in your marriage? How to solve it, welcome to interact and discuss together!

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