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Does Bubble Urine Mean Kidney Problems?

Time:2023-03-26 00:31:41 author:Leisure vacation Read:271次
Does Bubble Urine Mean Kidney Problems?

Waking up in the morning to take a urine out, looking at the picture of white mucus floating in the toilet, I can't help but worry. It is said that as long as there is bubble urine, it means that the kidneys are sick. Is Bubble Urine Really Sick? What exactly is proteinuria? Four kinds of bubbles that don't need to worry about urinating fast: There is a pool of water seals in today's Western-style toilets, and if the urine is flushed into the water seal faster, more air will be drawn into the water seal, forming bubbles Bubble. High urination: The higher the height of the urine, the greater the force of the impact on the water seal, the more air involved, the more air bubbles will be generated, so the bubbles generated in the moment of standing urination will be less than Sitting more. Drink less water: In the case of drinking less water, human urine will be thicker, and the surface tension will be more different from that of water, making it easier to produce bubbles. Post-exercise: Especially after intense exercise, the heart rate will increase, blood pressure will change, and kidney protein will be lost to the urine, resulting in bubbles when urinating.


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