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Xuzhou Psychology: What are the hazards of personality disorders?

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Xuzhou Psychology: What are the hazards of personality disorders?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Are Personality Disorders Harmful? There are many people with personality disorders around us. They suffer from this disease for a long time without treatment, which has a great physical and psychological impact. So, personality disorders are harmful. Here, we introduce the specific manifestations of the hazards. The hazards of personality disorders: 1. Emotions are easily out of control, scolding people, and personality defects are typical of immature psychological development, especially those with immature emotional processes. These people are emotionally rich, more passionate, but less stable; passionate, but not profound, so their emotions are fickle, their passions are easily unbalanced, and their feelings for others are superficial, unreal, and always emotional. When things are good, they are said to be perfect. However, just because of a trivial matter, he can turn his face and refuse to recognize people and scold him for nothing. This is the first characteristic of his psychological behavior. 2. The inability to correctly understand and attack others is suggestive, which is a psychological characteristic of personality defects. This kind of person is not only strong self-suggestion, but also easy to accept the suggestion of others. They have a high level of fantasy, often take their imaginations as reality, and can blindly obey others, especially those they depend on. People with flawed personalities enjoy attention and compliments from others. Only when others do what you like will you like and be ecstatic, otherwise you will spare no effort to attack others. Therefore, people with personality disorders can neither examine themselves nor properly understand others. Because of the indifference in the heart and the enthusiasm on the surface, they cannot truly grasp the essence of their own truth. Generally speaking, people with this type of personality deficit are intelligent, flexible, and sensitive, despite their imperfect psychological development. When people with personality disorders elevate their status or "rank" in order to get the attention of others, they often take the "illusion" of being possessed as reality. When people with this disorder are unable to reach or get in the way of their "higher levels", they threaten to commit suicide or self-mutilation, or even kill people they consider "demons" to stimulate their inner emotional experience, gain psychological satisfaction.


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