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Xuzhou Psychology: What are the common preventive measures for neurosis?

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Xuzhou Psychology: What are the common preventive measures for neurosis?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Speaking of neurosis, many people may not know it and think it is a rare disease. Actually it is not right. Neurosis is the most common neurological disorder. In reality, many people are neurosis patients, and many people suffer from the disease unknowingly. Over time, it will cause great harm to the patient. So what are the common preventive measures for neurosis? (1) The law of life, arrange life reasonably, and combine work and rest as much as possible. (2) People with severe insomnia can go to a regular hospital and find relevant experts to prescribe some drugs for relief and prevention, which can achieve good therapeutic effects. (3) Regularly participate in physical activities within one's ability, such as Taijiquan, etc., to exercise and enhance physical fitness. Avoid being overly stressed and engaging in long-lasting, intensely focused work. Fourth, the law of life is reasonable, try to combine work and rest. (4) In daily life, pay attention to rest and ensure adequate sleep. When you go out, bring a contact card with your name, diagnosis, address, and contact information. Cultivate interests and hobbies, such as practicing calligraphy and painting, listening to music, etc., to divert the patient's attention, and to eliminate and dilute negative emotions. (5) Understand the influence of family and social environment on the patient's disease, do the work of relevant personnel in a targeted manner, get cooperation, care for the patient, and not laugh at and talk about the patient's various morbidities. (6) Regular follow-up visits, follow the doctor's advice regularly, and seek medical attention in a timely manner when the condition deteriorates. (7) Home care, excited patients should share meals with others, keep the eating environment quiet, try to avoid the stimulation of the external environment, so that they can eat with peace of mind, and have special care, if necessary, they can be given meals. Hope the above explanation can really help you. For neurosis, we should pay attention to strengthening our understanding of it, and we should not indulge it, so as not to delay the disease. This not only affects our normal life order, but also wastes our money and time.

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