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Xuzhou Psychology: How to Prevent Neurosis?

Time:2023-03-27 23:15:08 author:Emergency treatment Read:549次
Xuzhou Psychology: How to Prevent Neurosis?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: My friend suffers from neurosis, which is a very painful thing. This disease will come out from time to time. It is necessary for the patient's family to actively cooperate with the patient's emotions, and it is necessary to understand the family preventive measures for neurosis. So, how to prevent neurosis? 1. Many patients are prone to recurrent disease in autumn, winter or spring, which is related to climate change and the temporary inability of patients to adapt. Therefore, when the seasons change, adding clothes in time and strengthening physical exercise at ordinary times can also prevent or reduce the incidence. 2. Treat your disease correctly, deal with the interpersonal relationships around you, and better adapt to society, family life and work. Build confidence and eliminate mental worries and low self-esteem. Establish a correct outlook on life and enhance the ability to adapt and self-regulate. 3. Engage in proper physical exercise and recreational activities, and work as much as possible. Quit drinking, control tobacco, pay attention to rest, avoid mental stimulation, and maintain a balanced state of mind. 4. Strictly follow the doctor's advice on time. Don't reduce or stop taking the medicine without authorization if you think the condition is mild or good. Always keep in touch with the doctor, and the doctor will adjust and reduce or stop taking the medicine according to the guidance of the condition. 5. Patients and their families should understand some mental health knowledge and concepts to improve self-defense. It is very necessary to actively prevent and control neurosis.


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