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Xuzhou Psychology: How to Prevent Neurosis?

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Xuzhou Psychology: How to Prevent Neurosis?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: How to prevent neurosis, in fact, patients with neurosis can self-regulate while being treated, so that they can get better faster. So, how to prevent neurosis? Any of the following patients can try it. Let's hear the expert's detailed answer to this question. Prevention methods of neurosis: First, psychological adjustment. Adjust your mood. You can choose to do what you like to divert the distraction of bad emotions. Talk to your relatives and friends when you are not feeling well. I usually read more newspapers, read books, watch TV, and go for a walk outdoors to distract myself. Second, do what you can. If you don't work for a long time, get out of the society, and have nothing to do, it is not conducive to the recovery of your body and mind. Doing a job within the scope of the body is also helpful to the disease. It can not only transfer the emotions of the disease, but also realize self-worth and regain self-confidence. Third, get proper physical exercise. During exercise, the body secretes hormones that can regulate the state of mind, such as adrenaline. So it's good to be on an outdoor sports team, but in moderation. Excessive exercise can also lead to fatigue and affect your health. Patients should engage in appropriate physical exercise, as rest is not conducive to the recovery of the disease. The exact pattern and duration of exercise depends on the patient's age, physical strength, and the severity of the condition. Generally, gentle Taijiquan, Qigong, and walking are suitable. Patients should exercise the principle of not feeling fatigued, avoid blindly increasing the amount of exercise, and do not rush for success. Most patients with neurosis should not be hospitalized and can be treated at home or outpatient because hospitalization can easily make the patient's condition worse. The patient's friends, relatives, and colleagues should give the patient more understanding and encouragement to help the patient get out of the predicament as soon as possible. Neurosis has a good prognosis. It will not affect the patient's lifespan or increase the chance of other diseases. Relax every day, do more outdoor activities, and find more people to chat with. Take medicine under the guidance of a doctor according to different performance!

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