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What exactly should children on leave of absence do at home?

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What exactly should children on leave of absence do at home?

What exactly should children on leave of absence do at home? Most of the children who leave school at home basically have relatively serious anxiety and depression, and they are also in more pain. Life is turned upside down, becoming more and more irregular, which also causes the state to become worse and worse. In this way, when the school break expires, the probability of resuming school is almost 0. What to do during the study period and what to do for the children is a headache for many parents Don’t think that there is still one year before the school resumption time, just take it slowly and feel that it doesn’t matter, tell all kinds of parents, there is so-called, the correct way, find a professional psychological counselor, adjust the child’s learning status, solve the problem of learning Anxiety is the thinking pattern of anxiety as soon as you arrive at school. If you find the right psychologist and your child actively cooperates, it may take 1 or 2 weeks to basically adjust the state of learning. If you can calm down and learn, and the state is good, even if the school is in good condition. If you are not allowed to go, you can also find an institution to study. One is to have someone to guide you, and the other is to maintain a good work and rest schedule. It is logical to resume school at that time. If the child has a good learning attitude, he can basically follow the courses of the original class, and there may be no need to repeat the class. Now most of the children who drop out of school are basically in black and white, and the state is getting worse and worse. It is related to the parents not finding a suitable psychological counselor. Many psychologists will tell parents to accept unconditionally and tell their children to live their own life and not go to school. Go, wait for this kind of guidance, basically let the child lie down and let the family despair. Parents, whether your child has just dropped out of school or is approaching the time to resume school, he must adjust his learning status and adjust to the nervous thinking pattern of school. Only in this way can he resume school. Otherwise, it will be difficult to resume school. In the past two days, there have been many Children who return to school will not be able to hold on for 1 or 2 days. After another week, there will be more children who will not be able to hold on. Therefore, adjusting this mode of thinking is the key to whether or not to return to school, and it is the only way.

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