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What are the symptoms of depression? These 4 symptoms may be a precursor to depression

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What are the symptoms of depression? These 4 symptoms may be a precursor to depression

The causes of depression are mainly divided into objective and subjective. The subjective factor is that the objective factors caused by brain endocrine disorders are from social life and family trauma. The greater the external impact, the more serious the depression will be. What are the symptoms of depression? 1. Ignore one's own feelings. People can live for a long time by relying on each other. When they don't get the care of others or have a negative attitude, and when people around them don't pay attention to their feelings, some people will have distorted cognition or psychological coldness. , for a long time, the character will become dull, the temper will become grumpy and the words will decrease. At this time, you should pay attention to your own feelings and make demands to the people around you. If no one still cares about your feelings, you should leave the environment. If you don't have the ability or the conditions are met, you should grit your teeth and endure it, work hard to improve your ability, and create your own value. 2. Small things detonate big emotions. The pain is unbearable because of some small things, mainly to burst out the depression accumulated in the heart at one time. After the outbreak, it may have a terrible impact, and even affect the quality of life. At this stage, you must learn to save yourself, and ask a reliable friend to confide in your inner depression or find a notebook to write it down. 3. Emotional breakdown Emotional breakdown is a tantrum regardless of occasion and time, the whole person is simply out of control, and even suicidal thoughts may appear. Emotional breakdowns can lead to fewer friends and less smooth work and study, putting people in a desperate situation. To solve the negative emotions in your heart immediately, don't wait until you have a big emotional breakdown before venting. Life is unsatisfactory in all likelihood, and you don't need to care about unnecessary little things. 4. Functional disorder Functional disorder refers to the loss of human social ability, learning and work ability, inability to concentrate and memory loss, without any mobility, as long as you feel uncomfortable when you work or study, it will affect the people around you. And things are not interesting, do not want to talk or move. Although there is nothing abnormal on the outside, just like a normal person, but the heart has become nervous or numb. Such people should choose a regular hospital for treatment, re-accept themselves under the guidance of a psychiatrist, and synchronize their physical reason and emotions. Depression is a very scary mental illness. Once you find a tendency to depression, you should seek the help of a psychiatrist in time. After depression occurs, the brain and body organs will change. We must face everything with a peaceful mind. Usually, we can relax our body and mind by traveling, listening to music or growing flowers and plants. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]

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