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Prostate cancer patients have 4 characteristics? Recommend a prostate care regimen

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Prostate cancer patients have 4 characteristics? Recommend a prostate care regimen

Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor of the genitourinary system with a high incidence rate. The incidence is relatively insidious and the symptoms are not very significant. When prostate cancer develops to a certain level, abnormal urination, perineal pain, numbness and swelling of lower limbs will occur, and the disease has reached the middle and advanced stage. The pathogenesis of prostate cancer is not very clear. It is generally believed that it is related to age, living environment, genetics, and acquired factors. Generally, men with the following characteristics are prone to prostate cancer.

What characteristics predispose men to prostate cancer?

1. Men who are over 60 years old generally have a higher risk of developing prostate diseases after reaching the age of 50, especially benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis. 75 to 79 years old is a high incidence period of prostate cancer, so from the age of 50, you should pay more attention to the prostate, and do PSA and prostate B-ultrasound regularly. 2. There are cases of prostate cancer in the family. If there are cases of prostate cancer in immediate family members, the risk of prostate cancer is more than double that of ordinary people; if there are 2 or more cases of prostate cancer in immediate family members, then the risk of prostate cancer is higher than that of ordinary people. The risk is as high as 5 times more. 3. The thicker the waistline of abdominally obese men, the higher the risk of prostate cancer, especially if the waistline is greater than 102cm. Due to the accumulation of too much fat in the abdomen, it is easy to produce a large amount of estrogen, reduce the level of male hormones, make metabolism disorder, and promote the growth of prostate cancer cells. 4. High-fat diet The more fat a man consumes every day, the higher the risk of prostate cancer. Therefore, the high-fat diet structure should be gradually corrected and healthy eating habits should be cultivated.

How to protect the prostate?

1. Keep away from spicy and stimulating food and alcohol in terms of diet. The former can induce or aggravate constipation, directly compress the prostate, and cause difficulty in urination; the latter can cause prostate congestion and edema. Usually, the diet should be light and diversified, focusing on eating fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains, and strictly controlling the intake of fat. 2. Pay attention to keeping warm. Pay attention to keeping the perineum warm, which can reduce the pressure on the spermatic canal and prostate, promote the relaxation of smooth muscle fibers, reduce the resistance of body fluids to discharge, and ensure smooth prostate drainage. 3. Refuse to hold back urine Often holding back urine can increase the pressure on the bladder and kidneys, so the urge to urinate should be discharged in time. Drink more water, drink more than 2000ml of water a day, and urinate once every 1 to 2 hours, which can excrete harmful substances in urine, prevent inflammation, and avoid urethral irritation. A message from family physicians for men to avoid actions that can compress the prostate, such as long-term cycling or sitting. Maintaining moderate exercise, such as squatting, levator ani, etc., can promote the blood circulation of the prostate, ensure the strong secretion function of the prostate, and promote the excretion of bacteria. In addition, regular PSA, digital rectal examination and other examinations are carried out in order to find out prostate diseases in time. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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