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Depression diet principles

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Depression diet principles

Depression is associated with nutritional deficiencies. It is very possible for a person to have such a "mental cold" several times in his life. As long as the diet is used in time and the intake of nutrients is paid attention to, most patients will be relieved or recovered. The main manifestation of traditional Chinese medicine is "the way of health preservation". People take food as their heaven, which fully demonstrates the importance of diet. Diet therapy is also an auxiliary treatment method for depression. A good diet is of great benefit to the treatment of depression. 1. Light diet, avoid spicy, spicy, pickled, smoked and irritating foods; 2. Supplement sufficient water to maintain the normal needs of the viscera, lubricate the intestines, facilitate urination, and promote the excretion of harmful substances in the body; 3. High quality Protein, high fiber, foods rich in vitamins and trace elements; 4. Regular diet, eat less or no snacks.

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