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How is the high incidence of myopia in children? Stick to these 4 points to prevent

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How is the high incidence of myopia in children? Stick to these 4 points to prevent

Nowadays, there are more and more types of electronic products, which leads many children to come into contact with electronic products prematurely. They keep their eyes on various electronic screens every day, and they have to complete a lot of homework at the same time. Over time, many children will be in age Myopia has been developed at a relatively young age, so preventing myopia in children has become a vital thing.

How to prevent myopia in children?

1. Pay attention to diet To prevent myopia in children, we must help children develop the habit of not being picky eaters but not partial eclipses, maintaining a balanced nutrition, and at the same time, pay attention to the supplementation of trace elements such as zinc and calcium, which are all required by the body. Essential nutrients, in addition to increasing protein intake and controlling sugar intake, are helpful for eye development. It is recommended to eat more foods rich in vitamin A in moderation, such as carrots or tomatoes, which can promote the development of vision. 2. Develop good habits Parents also need to help children develop good habits. First of all, they must develop good eye habits, and arrange the time of eye use reasonably every day. Every 40 minutes or so, let the eyes rest for 5~ For 10 minutes, you can close your eyes and rest your mind, and you can look into the distance. It is also a good choice to do eye exercises. In addition, when reading or studying, you should choose an environment with better lighting and lighting, and you should not rub your eyes with your hands, because there are more bacteria on your hands. 3. Exposure to sunlight When they are free, children should be allowed to go out for a walk, walking or exercising, which can make children better exposed to sunlight, thereby promoting the formation of vitamin D in the body and helping the absorption of calcium to a certain extent. , is beneficial to enhance physical fitness. In addition, going outdoors and getting more exposure to the sun can give your eyes a short rest, which is helpful to protect your eyesight. 4. Carry out visual inspection in time. If you find that your child's eye habits are unhealthy, or you often read or study at a close distance, you must be vigilant. It is recommended to take your child to a regular eye hospital for visual inspection and medical optometry, which has certain effects on the prevention of myopia. Help, once the myopia is found, it can be corrected and dealt with according to the specific situation to avoid the deepening of myopia. A message from the family doctor. If you want to prevent myopia in children, you must pay special attention to all aspects. First, you must maintain a balanced diet, and second, you must develop good habits. Studying in a dark environment and taking a walk outdoors can not only better protect your eyes and eyesight, but also enhance your physical fitness. In addition, when children's eyes are found to be uncomfortable or close to objects, they should take the children to have a vision check in time. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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