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Mania to avoid these kinds of foods

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Mania to avoid these kinds of foods

The onset of mania is characterized by elevated emotions, running of thoughts, and increased speech and actions as typical symptoms. You can feel great enthusiasm in him, but once he is attacked or refuted, he will be violent, and may attack and destroy other behaviors, belonging to the irritable type. On the background of high mood, feel good about yourself, feel that your body has never been so healthy, your energy has never been so abundant, your mind is agile, and you have ten lines of action. In this state, the patient's appetite will be greatly enhanced, and they can eat anything. Due to the excitement of the brain in mania, sleep will be reduced. Manic patients should pay special attention to the diet: 1. Eat more vegetables. The diet should include vegetables, fruits, stone fruits, seeds, and beans. Grains such as whole grains are good choices, but don't eat too much bread. Eat white meat fish and turkey twice a week. 2. Supplement nutrients, vitamin B12, vitamin c, L-tyrosine, etc. 3. Avoid coffee, cola, tea, chocolate, alcohol and other foods containing exciting elements. Eating these foods can make the condition worse. At the same time, people with mania should also avoid sugar products, dairy products, and foods with added chemicals and colorings. Family members should pay attention to the patient's mood changes after a manic disorder. Most of the patients will stay alone after a manic episode. Many family members think that the patient is tired and needs a rest. Not really, people with mania may also have depression at the same time, and their emotions will cycle back and forth between these two emotions, a symptom called bipolar disorder. Therefore, the patient's family should carefully observe the patient's every move. Medicines must be taken on time. Mental illness can only be slowly recuperated and gradually improved.

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