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One of the phobias - social phobia

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One of the phobias - social phobia

"Social phobia" is a word that has been out of the circle recently, so we know that there are such people around us. They often talk about everything with friends or people who are close to them, but they will appear awkward when they are in public. , we usually call this type of people social phobia, which is what we call social phobia. In medicine we often refer to it as "social anxiety disorder" or "social anxiety disorder". Patients experience intense fear and anxiety, or anxiety, in public and avoid them as much as possible. It usually occurs between the ages of 17 and 30 years, mainly in adolescence and early adulthood. About 80% have never received treatment. The pathogenesis of social phobia is the superposition of multiple elements, including family factors and social psychological factors. Family factors are not difficult to understand parental marital conflicts, overprotection or abandonment by parents, and child abuse. Psychosocial factors, frequent relocation during childhood, poor performance in school, etc. If you are worried, afraid, or afraid of social activities, and are accompanied by active social avoidance behavior, please seek medical attention in time. Departments that can be treated: Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry. Matters needing attention in life: 1. Exercise regularly. During the process of exercising, you will temporarily forget what you think about. It also increases our self-confidence. 2. Go to bed regularly every night to ensure adequate sleep. Keeping the room quiet and dark will reduce distraction and help you fall asleep quickly. 3. Choose a balanced diet that is low in fat and high in dietary fiber. 4. Changing the way of thinking, thinking positively about the problem can change the supervisor's feeling and relieve anxiety.

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