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How to care for people with mental disorders

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How to care for people with mental disorders

Different psychiatric disorders have different course characteristics. The disease course characteristics of schizophrenia patients are heterogeneous. Most mood disorders have a good prognosis, and after treatment, clinical symptoms can be basically or completely disappeared, and social functions can be recovered. But affective disorders have obvious tendency to relapse or tend to be chronic. Good care can lead to a smooth recovery for the patient, so how to care for it? Take care of sleep, diet, medication, etc. First, the hospital environment should be quieter, one is to avoid external interference; the other is that family members can accompany them. Under the escort of family members, patients feel warm and relieved, and they are full of hope for recovery. Second, to ensure a good sleep environment for patients, patients will have poor sleep after the onset of the disease. very frustrated. Improving sleep is of great significance for controlling other psychiatric symptoms. Try to ask the patient to maintain a regular life, eat and take medicine on time, sleep less and move more during the day, avoid lights and noises before going to bed, keep the bed warm and comfortable, wash feet and face before going to bed, care and comfort the patient, and give sedation if necessary sleeping pills. After the above measures, the patient's sleep has been significantly improved. Third, diet, this is very important. Diet management is not just about eating well, but also eating right. Some foods can relieve mental disorders, and some are counterproductive. Fourth, the safety care of patients with mental disorders is particularly important. The family members of patients should provide patients with a quiet and comfortable environment, reduce adverse stimulation, and limit the range of activities of patients. For patients with hallucinations, as well as the tendency to hurt people and destroy objects, family members should remove all dangerous items to prevent accidents such as injuries. Families are difficult, and patients are even more difficult. Family members should give more psychological support to patients, let patients see that we are standing together, give patients confidence in treatment, help patients, follow doctor's orders for treatment, and get out of the disease!

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