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How Living With Anxiety Disorders Affects Our Lives

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How Living With Anxiety Disorders Affects Our Lives

In the fast-paced life and work environment, everyone has anxiety, such as anxiety about job layoffs, anxiety about life pressure, and anxiety about their own future. Looking at it this way, everyone is indeed a little anxious. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon and you don't need to panic, but excessive anxiety may be an anxiety disorder. How to judge whether you have an anxiety disorder? 1. Weakness. When I was at my worst, I would feel weak all over. Even when I was in a chair, I would feel very tired and I just wanted to lie on the bed. Every time I go out with my friends, I can't walk back when I go out, and I have to take a taxi every time. My friends thought I was seriously ill. Unable to concentrate while working because the body is too tired. So I have a half-month vacation. 2. I often feel panicked. Before I get sick, I can climb mountains, go shopping, ride bikes, and even fish far away by myself. After I was diagnosed with anxiety, I never went anywhere. I stayed at home every day, and finally got tired of the environment at home, but I was still afraid of going out. Hearing all kinds of sounds on the road and vehicles that have not stopped on the road, I didn't know what to do for a while, but I just felt helpless. 3. The mentality of people who attribute all the responsibilities to themselves is very entangled, and they are constantly putting pressure on themselves. For example, my parents made money for me to study, but they did not get into the university they liked, and they did not find the one they liked. work and feel sorry for them. This kind of mentality will always attribute all the faults to yourself, constantly put pressure on yourself, and devalue yourself for nothing. resulting in negative emotions. 4. I often break down and want to cry over trivial matters, spill coffee on the ground, frequently self-doubt, seeing others happy but not happy, etc. If you have more than two of the above 4 items, it means that you have anxiety disorders At this time, we must pay attention to our emotions and seek medical treatment in time. Anxiety is not terrible. What is scary is that we are afraid of other people's eyes and refuse to seek medical treatment.

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