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Xuzhou Psychology: What good nursing habits should be developed for social anxiety?

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Xuzhou Psychology: What good nursing habits should be developed for social anxiety?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Social phobia is not an easy disease to treat, because it is not only stubborn, but also prone to repeated attacks, which is a headache for patients. So what good nursing habits should people with social phobia develop? People with social phobia are very afraid of some lively situations, especially refusing to talk to some people or participate in various activities, which is a very negative psychology. Patients are advised to self-regulate, enhance self-confidence, and reduce feelings of inferiority. Nursing care of social phobia: 1. Overcoming "fear" Psychosocial phobia patients have a kind of "fear" in their hearts, especially fear of seeing strangers, fear of expressing themselves, and unwilling to talk to people. It is recommended that patients develop their ability to adapt to the outside world in their daily life, work and study, consciously talk to one person first, then two people, slowly overcome their psychology, and finally get in touch with people and things around them. 2. Don't pay too much attention to your behavior In normal social activities, don't be afraid to behave, be easy-going, and be natural. Just do what you usually say, be generous. In interpersonal communication and entertainment, don't pay too much attention to your speech and behavior, it is superfluous and will only increase your restraint and fear. It is recommended that when patients talk to people or participate in some activities, the department participates with a clear social content. This way you can shift your focus from yourself to things without being overly fearful. Be sure to go to the hospital for treatment to reduce the harm of the disease.


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