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Xuzhou Psychology: What are the hazards of personality disorders?

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Xuzhou Psychology: What are the hazards of personality disorders?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: All diseases will bring harm, so if you find yourself suffering from a personality disorder, we need to clearly understand the harm of this disease, so that we can pay more attention to treatment. So what are the dangers of having a personality disorder? The hazards of personality disorders: 1. Emotions are easily out of control, and they like to curse. Hysterical personality defect is a typical personality type with immature psychological development, especially immature emotional process. These people are emotionally rich, with more enthusiasm, but less stability; enthusiastic, but not profound. So their emotions are fickle, their passions are easily unbalanced, and their feelings for others are superficial, superficial, and unreal. Always be emotional. When things are good, people are said to be perfect. However, just because of a trivial matter, you can turn your face and deny the person and scold him for nothing. This is the first characteristic of his psychological behavior. 2. The inability to correctly understand and attack others is suggestive, which is a psychological feature of hysterical personality defects. This kind of person is not only strong self-suggestion, but also easy to accept the suggestion of others. They have a high level of fantasy, often take their imaginations as reality, and can blindly obey others, especially those they depend on. People with hysterical personality deficit like attention and praise from others. Only when others do what you like will you like it and be ecstatic. Otherwise, they will go out of their way to attack others. Therefore, the hysterical personality defect can neither look at oneself nor correctly understand others. Because of the indifference in my heart and the enthusiasm on the surface, I could not really grasp the essence of my truth. Generally speaking, people with this type of personality deficit are intelligent, flexible, and sensitive, despite their imperfect psychological development.

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