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What is the reason for the slump in counseling?

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What is the reason for the slump in counseling?

What is the reason for the slump in counseling? When the professional qualification examination for psychological consultants first appeared, there was an advertisement saying that psychological consultants are the platinum industry in the 21st century, and many people came to take the examination. There are more and more people with mental illness, insomnia, and students who are tired of studying, and the market for psychological counseling is also growing. In theory, certified psychological counselors have really ushered in a wave of big dividends. on the air vent. The development of the psychological counseling industry should be the same as other industries. People with mental illnesses need to adjust first, and then there are personnel in this area. But psychological counseling does not seem to be like this. It always develops on an abnormal road. Although there are many people who need help, these people generally do not recognize this industry. The two functions of psychological counseling are to solve symptoms and develop potential, but the first point is not good, let alone the second point. A person suffering from anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hypochondriasis, and depression is very painful. He paid to be a psychologist and told him about his symptoms, feelings, and pain. Some psychologists told him to accept your emotions. Accepting symptoms, etc. There are a lot of acceptances, but those who do counseling don’t understand. I accept symptoms or have symptoms, which is the same as not doing counseling. A student who is tired of school or even dropped out of school is usually a parent who finds a psychological counselor, hoping to change the child’s negative state, eliminate pain, change the learning status, and return to school to study normally and even efficiently through psychological counseling. Some methods of psychological counselors , 1. Tell parents that learning is not the only thing. Children can learn if they want to learn. If they don't want to learn, don't worry about it. If they want to understand, they can learn. 2. Tell the child, if you don't want to go to school, don't go to school, live your own life, and come as you feel comfortable. 3. Tell your child that it’s okay to have poor grades, you can’t starve, you won’t be on the streets, you must have food to eat, but if it doesn’t work, your parents still have a house to sell. There are not many consultations like this, but the meaning of consultation is actually lost, and the client is still suffering and uncomfortable. Treating children who are tired of school and leave school in this way will inevitably cause the child to lie flat and become rotten, and the child will gradually lose the motivation to work hard. , in the future can only rely on parents to support the elderly. More and more people need help, and everyone needs efficient and scientific psychological counseling.


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