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How to make children enjoy learning?

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How to make children enjoy learning?

How to make children enjoy learning? You can say anything to your children, but you can't talk about learning, let alone learning about filial piety to mothers and children, and talk about learning how to dance. Yes, as long as you find the reason and use the right method, it is not a dream for children to like learning. A child, just born, is a blank piece of paper. When he is 1 or 2 years old, he can walk and talk, and he is very curious. When he sees what he asks, he sometimes gets tired of the parents and tells the child that the school I can tell you everything that you don’t know. Many children are full of expectations and wait until the day of school. However, as soon as they arrive at school, they will give you a slap in the face. You will not be able to move during a class. If you write a wrong word, you will be fined 50 times. One class, the exam was not ideal, and I came home. I was told that I couldn’t run, and I would be beaten if I didn’t make it. Slowly, the eyes of the aura lost their luster. But this is the past. Now, special classes and various courses are mentioned in kindergarten, so the time of children's weariness is earlier. Our country has been advocating learning since ancient times. As the saying goes, all things are inferior, only reading is high, but in order to learn, it is really hard work, and human nature is to seek pleasure and avoid suffering, so there are not many people who have studied and become talented since ancient times. I know many high-achieving students, they have common characteristics, that is, good habits cultivated since childhood, good sense of responsibility, positive and optimistic, not backing down when encountering difficulties, and at the same time, there is a positive link with learning, that is, good mood and efficiency when learning High, the secret to actually getting kids to love learning is this. The first is to establish a positive link between learning and the brain, and to form a positive conditioned reflex. The second is to persevere in the face of difficulties and be responsible for yourself when you encounter difficulties. As long as you have these two, it is difficult to get bad grades.


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