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Xuzhou Mania: How to Adjust Computer Mania?

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Xuzhou Mania: How to Adjust Computer Mania?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: 1. To relieve computer mania, you must solve your own mental stress, relax your emotions as much as possible, and meet the changes in the work and office environment with a happy and positive attitude. Only in this way can the emotions brought about by "computer mania" be resolved. 2. Appropriately reduce the dependence on the computer, reduce the time of using the computer, prepare for the prevention of computer failure and take alternative measures, and minimize the possible loss or trouble. If you are well prepared, your mind will be calm and calm. 3. If the computer fails, it is necessary to face up to and solve the technical problem of the computer, and immediately find a professional to repair it. Don't try to fix things you're not good at lest it make things worse. 4. If the computer failure cannot be solved by yourself or is being repaired, do not sit at the computer desk alone. You should look away as soon as possible and do something else to distract and relax so you don't lose control. 5. Save the work documents at any time, and use the mobile hard disk to back up the data, so that once there is a problem with the computer, you will not suffer too much loss, and your emotions will not suddenly get out of control. 6. Don't sit in front of the computer for a long time to work. Computer users should take a break after staring at a screen for an hour straight. Every once in a while, they would get up to stretch their muscles and bones, go to the window for a breath of fresh air, and look into the distance for a while.

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