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Xuzhou Depression: Which Treatment for Depression Works Faster?

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Xuzhou Depression: Which Treatment for Depression Works Faster?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Depression is a very serious mental illness. Patients with this disease are psychologically sensitive and vulnerable. If they are not careful, they can easily relapse. In severe cases, they will commit suicide. Therefore, for the safety of the patient's life, we must actively treat. So, for patients, which treatment of depression is the fastest way to work? Experts say that patients with depression can recover quickly only by symptomatic treatment. 1. Treatment of mild depression: 1. Rope skipping: Although it is a game activity between primary and secondary school students, in terms of exercise volume, it is an aerobic exercise that consumes less time and consumes more energy. Jumping rope for 10 minutes is about the same as jogging for 30 minutes or dancing for 20 minutes. This project can not only increase the function of the human cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, but also relax the emotions. Before skipping rope, you can do some preparations for your feet, legs, wrists, and feet, and you can do some relaxation exercises after skipping rope. 2. Mountain climbing: Depressed patients often feel a lack of initiative, and mountain climbing can stimulate their enthusiasm. Of course, people with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, especially chronic coronary insufficiency are not suitable for climbing, so it is better to weigh the pros and cons when climbing, and don’t forget your physical condition. 3. Swimming: Swimming is more soothing than running, playing ball and other sports. There is no strong pressure on the bones, and it is more suitable for the elderly and female friends. Regular swimming can not only create a perfect body shape and strengthen the body, but also can hone perseverance and cultivate sentiment, which is very helpful for the treatment of depression. The buoyancy and pressure of the water massage the whole body. Because all the muscles and internal organs of the body participate in rhythmic movement, it has exercise and health care effects on all systems of the body. 4. Dance: Dance is an activity that combines sports and entertainment. It can eliminate physical and mental fatigue, cultivate sentiment, increase communication, enhance friendship, and promote physical and mental health. The right amount of dancing can relieve nerve and muscle tension, so as to achieve a soothing effect. The melodious music in the dance can also give people a beautiful enjoyment. The melody of the music and the dance movements are properly integrated, which can play a very good role in relaxing and relieving depression symptoms. Second, the treatment of moderate depression: 1. Reading: open book is beneficial. For the treatment of moderate depression, we should read more books on psychology and philosophy, including Taoist and Buddhist books. These books can improve our wisdom, let us have a deeper understanding of our own life, and go beyond the past. limitations of thought. 2. Mindfulness: People with depression can simply meditate on the basis of calmness, relaxation, and pleasure. Meditation is an excellent mind-body practice that is now widely used in psychotherapy and spiritual growth activities. Meditation can reduce tension, anxiety, depression and other emotions. Regular practice of meditation increases awareness and helps people with depression achieve enlightenment. 3. Stick to physical activity: Physical activity is a particularly good form of conditioning for people with depression, especially in the morning. Because many patients with depression are slow, lazy and passive, physical exercise in patients with depression can fully mobilize the potential of the human body and activate the cells of the body. When the body is relaxed, the heart will be slowly released, and the mood will naturally be relieved to a certain extent.

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