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Why are infertility treatments not effective? May be related to 4 factors, hope you don't

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Why are infertility treatments not effective? May be related to 4 factors, hope you don't

Now that medical technology has made great progress, many infertile couples want to become parents smoothly through treatment. Some couples have been pregnant after receiving treatment for a short period of time, and some couples have been treated for several years without success. This situation is not only closely related to pathogenic factors, but also sometimes related to wrong behavior. . What misbehaviors may be associated with poor infertility treatment outcomes? 1. There is no consensus between the two parties. Although people's knowledge level has improved a lot, the understanding of infertility is still not comprehensive. Even many men have even put the full responsibility of infertility on women until now. In fact, it is not correct to allow only women to receive relevant treatment and examinations. Infertility may also occur in men, and the incidence rate is as high as 33%. Therefore, after infertility occurs, both men and women must go to the hospital for relevant examinations. Only in this way can the pathogenic factors be found. resulting in a better treatment effect. 2. Frequently changing places for treatment Nowadays, advertisements about infertility treatment can be said to be overwhelming, and some of the hospitals in these advertisements are qualified, and some are not. The treatment of infertility is a long-term process. Some patients feel that there is no effect after a period of treatment in a regular hospital, so they will change to another hospital, and sometimes even choose an unqualified hospital, resulting in poor treatment effect. 3. Couples who listen to home remedies and prepare for pregnancy for a long time but fail to get pregnant are under great pressure, both from themselves and from their parents, which prompts many couples to go to the doctor in a hurry. Some couples even choose home remedies or secret recipes, but the drugs used in these prescriptions have not been tested on drugs, and sometimes drug poisoning or drug interactions may occur, which not only has no therapeutic effect on infertility, but may also cause affect health. 4. Treat infertility treatment as all Faced with huge pressure every day, it will lead to endocrine disorders over time, which will not only affect the treatment effect, but also may cause quarrels, thus affecting the relationship between husband and wife. Reminder that after the treatment of infertility occurs, both husband and wife must reach a consensus, and it is recommended to go to the hospital to receive relevant treatment. In addition, the treatment of infertility is a long-term thing, so don’t just because there is no infertility in a short time. If you see the effect and frequently change the hospital, don’t trust the remedies and secret recipes easily, and you should have your own time to relax during the treatment process. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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