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Are you always tired of doing things? In line with these 4 points, most of them are caused by deficiency of kidney essence.

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Are you always tired of doing things? In line with these 4 points, most of them are caused by deficiency of kidney essence.

Mr. Zhang, who is just 30 years old, has not had a good relationship with his wife for more than half a year. There is no other reason, that is, Mr. Zhang is always tired every time, and even has a little desire. Although not having sex is not a big deal, but seeing the age, the elders in the family want to hug their grandson as soon as possible. Mr. Zhang, who is standing in his thirties, at this time, "no" has to "go". So Mr. Zhang and his wife went to the hospital to ask the doctor how to adjust the treatment. The doctor diagnosed him as kidney essence deficiency according to Mr. Zhang's description. So, what is the reason for the deficiency of kidney essence and what causes it? Today I'm going to tell you about it.

What is kidney essence deficiency?

Actually, deficiency of kidney essence is very common in life, but many people do not realize it. Kidney-essence deficiency is a type of TCM syndrome characterized by the deficiency of essence and qi in the kidney (which can be understood as a shortage of energy), resulting in delayed growth and development, low reproductive capacity, and premature aging as the main symptoms.

It mainly has the following manifestations:

①polyuria, nocturia, pungent and foamy urine; ②sore waist, weak legs, weakness in both legs, easy fatigue 3. Depressed spirit, insomnia and night sweats, and sluggish eyes; 4. Unwilling to do nothing, low ability to fixate; 5. Dizziness, forgetfulness, tinnitus, deafness; The above are the main manifestations of deficiency of kidney essence. If you find yourself unfortunately "hit", you must actively find the cause and insist on conditioning.

What causes kidney essence deficiency?

The incidence mainly depends on the body's own constitution. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the innate foundation of the human body and can store nutrients in the human body. There are four main reasons for the deficiency of kidney essence: the parents are weak and sick, and the children are born unable to obtain enough Insufficient kidney-essence will lead to lack of essence and blood; long-term fatigue and busyness will also cause excessive consumption of kidney-essence; lack of restraint in diet will damage the digestive system, and the lack of nutrients acquired by the human body will also lead to insufficient kidney-essence; When it reaches the kidney, the kidney essence will be difficult to support, resulting in a deficiency of the kidney essence. Therefore, if there is a deficiency of the kidney essence, the key to regulating the deficiency of the kidney essence is to nourish the kidney and replenish the essence.

How to regulate the deficiency of kidney essence?

To regulate the deficiency of kidney essence, you can start from two aspects: food tonic and medicinal tonic; in the food tonic diet, you can eat some foods that nourish the kidney and produce essence, such as oysters, beef, mutton, leeks, sea cucumbers, walnuts, sea bass, etc.; traditional Chinese medicine It is believed that black enters the kidney, so to improve the deficiency of kidney essence, you can also eat more black foods, such as black sesame, black beans and so on. Of course, simple dietary supplements are not only slow, but also difficult to achieve satisfactory results. They can also be combined with drug conditioning, such as Gujing Bushen Pills commonly used in clinical practice. We all know that drug conditioning, Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the innate foundation, the main store of essence, and the lack of essence will lead to kidney deficiency; while the spleen is the acquired foundation, the source of qi and blood biochemical, the filling of essence and qi depends on the spleen to transport and transform water and grains. The two nourish each other day after day, so the kidney essence is insufficient, and the kidney and spleen need to be supplemented and combined. The Gujing Bushen Pill is composed of a variety of Chinese herbal medicines, including Cistanche deserticola and Morinda officinalis: tonifying kidney-yang, nourishing essence and blood; Chinese yam, Polygala japonica: tonifying the spleen and benefiting the lung; the combination of various medicines has the effect of strengthening the essence, invigorating the kidney and strengthening the spleen. If you need to take medicine, it is recommended to take it under the guidance of a professional doctor or pharmacist. In addition, during taking the medicine, avoid greasy food, such as fatty meat, barbecue, fried food, etc. It is not recommended for patients with constipation caused by cold or excessive heat, mouth sores, dizziness, swollen eyes, sore throat, etc. References: [1] Zhang Hongmei, Lu Xiaozuo, Chen Xuegong. Analysis of the clinical symptoms and treatment of insufficiency of kidney essence [C]. // Proceedings of the 14th Academic Conference on TCM Diagnosis of Chinese Medicine Association. 2013:292-296 .Source | Written by Doctor Miaoshou (reprinting is prohibited without authorization) | Source of pineapple pictures | Toutiao


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