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Xuzhou Depression: How to Prevent Depression in Children?

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Xuzhou Depression: How to Prevent Depression in Children?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: 1. Cultivate children's good personal character from an early age. A good personality and comprehensive quality is an important method for educating children at present. In many places, "quality education" is the core to overcome children's suspicious, sensitive, subjective, selfish, and self-centered personality; cultivate children to be cheerful, generous, modest, open-minded, patient, persistent, caring, hard-working, willing The good quality of devotion is the key to preventing depression in children and adolescents. 2. Maintain good hygiene habits, work and rest on time, study and complete homework on time, avoid external interference as much as possible, and exercise regularly. Every child will encounter troubles, setbacks, and diseases in the process of growing up. When you are troubled, don't be irritable, don't be anxious. In general, alleviating anxiety lies in self-regulation, diverting attention in time, and not treating it negatively. Anhui experts pointed out that when there is a suspected disease, you should go to a mental hospital for consultation in time, listen carefully to the explanation of the psychiatrist, distract your attention on your own health, and maintain a positive attitude. At this time, the bad state will disappear on its own. 4. A follow-up study of children from divorced families found that 37% of children and adolescents suffered from moderate or severe depression, and the five years after parental separation and divorce were their most unhappy periods. Therefore, making an effort to create a good family atmosphere can help prevent children from developing depression. 5. Lack of social skills is one of the causes of depression. Encouraging, organizing, and guiding children to participate in social interactions can help prevent depression. Parents and teachers should treat children equally, promote democracy, encourage children to speak freely, express different opinions, and support children's correct views and behaviors. Make friends with them, improve the parent-child relationship and teacher-student relationship, and also promote them to improve the relationship with classmates and form a harmonious "big family" atmosphere.

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