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What is depression related to? May be related to these 4 health problems

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What is depression related to? May be related to these 4 health problems

Many people may think that depression is just a feeling and has nothing to do with overall health, but depression can also co-occur with chronic illnesses or other health problems. When this happens, depression not only affects the mood, it may also impair the body's ability to recover. What could depression be related to? 1. Injury If you cannot exercise because of an injury, it is likely to lead to depression. Exercise activates a series of hormones in the brain that make you feel good. When a person is injured, whether it's overtraining or some kind of trauma, the brain is deprived of a good feeling that can accompany an episode of depression. If the injury lasts more than a month, causing sadness, excessive depression, or lethargy, it's likely depression. At this time, physical therapy or antidepressants may make the patient feel better. 2. Childbirth No one knows for sure what causes postpartum depression, but researchers believe it may be caused by hormone fluctuations before and after childbirth. Anxiety, sadness, or helplessness for a short period of time after giving birth may be normal and will go away on its own in about a month. But if you experience depression for more than a month after giving birth, you should pay attention. Feelings at this time include feelings of anger, irritability, or disconnection from the world. You should discuss the possibility of postpartum depression with your doctor. 3. Chronic Pain If your back pain or chronic pain is caused by a medical condition such as arthritis or a functional problem such as a spinal cord injury, you may be at a higher risk of depression. If you're feeling hopeless about the future because of chronic pain, you should consider talking to your doctor. Notably, if mood improves, becomes more optimistic and happier, and may even reduce the level of physical pain. 4. Hearing or vision loss Many people know that their hearing and vision decline with age, but they may not know that these declines in function can lead to depression. When people cannot hear or see clearly, they may feel less connected to their family and society, which can be a sign of depression. Treating hearing or vision loss is a good first step in addressing symptoms of depression, but you can also consider treating depression itself. If you've been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition, you should be wary of possible signs of depression. If you're experiencing one of these four depression-related health problems, notice if you have symptoms of depression and take steps to treat it. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]

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