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Is having a mental illness a mental illness? Understand these misunderstandings

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Is having a mental illness a mental illness? Understand these misunderstandings

When it comes to mental illness, most people think that people with mental illness are suffering from mental illness. When people around them have this kind of situation, they will automatically stay away, worrying about being hurt by neurotic patients, but in fact, mental illness is not suffering from mental illness. Mental illness, some misunderstandings about mental illness should be understood clearly. Is having a mental illness a mental illness? In the cognition of many people, they think that having a mental illness is equivalent to suffering from mental illness, and many people worry that they will develop schizophrenia due to anxiety, depression and other problems, but in fact, psychological problems and mental illness are completely different. These two problems cannot be forced together. Psychological problems are like psychological colds, and they often occur in life. Most of these psychological problems occur when emotions change. When they occur, just adjust your emotions quickly. It can return to normal, while mental illness will have obvious emotional problems when it occurs, and lack of insight, which needs to be controlled through treatment, so these are two different problems and should not be confused. What are some misconceptions about mental illness? 1. If you are unhappy, you can’t think about it, and your ability to bear is poor. Because of the Chinese culture, they associate psychological problems with their personal spirit. If you are unhappy, you can’t think about it or have a poor ability to bear. There will be various problems in life, and these problems will lead to negative emotions, which are normal emotional reactions. When these problems occur, taking correct measures to solve them is the only way to grow, not the so-called mental problems. 2. Psychological counseling is not good, and it is also very shameful. In the perception of many people, seeking a psychiatrist is the only measure that needs to be taken when suffering from mental illness. Some even think that psychological counseling is deceptive and not of much use. It is nothing more than doing it. Thought work, but in fact, psychological counseling can be used as a means of treating diseases. It has a rigorous theoretical basis and diagnosis and treatment procedures. Most doctors will maintain a neutral and objective attitude during treatment, and will not criticize those who receive psychological counseling. Education, and it is not necessary to have a mental illness to seek a psychiatrist. If you have psychological concerns or a relatively large psychological burden, you can seek correct counseling, and you can actively face the disease and help solve it. Generally speaking, psychological problems and mental illnesses are two unequal diseases. Don't confuse the two. There are often various psychological problems in life. As long as you face them correctly and take active measures, you can adjust them. Emotions, and counseling when necessary can be better relieved and relaxed. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]

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