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Although these 5 symptoms are not painful or itchy, they cannot be ignored. It may be that cancer is knocking on the door

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Although these 5 symptoms are not painful or itchy, they cannot be ignored. It may be that cancer is knocking on the door

Most cancers have no obvious symptoms in the early stage, neither pain nor itching, so it is easy to be ignored. When there are obvious symptoms, most of them have developed to the middle and advanced stage. However, all kinds of cancers are not without a trace, so when there are no pain or itching symptoms for no reason, you should also be vigilant, and it is recommended to do the necessary physical examination. What painless symptoms may be caused by cancer? 1. Breast lumps without pain If you feel a lump in the chest when you touch the chest, but there is no obvious pain, when you touch it hard, you will feel that the surface is uneven, and there is no obvious boundary between the lump and the surrounding tissue, then It is necessary to be vigilant, which is likely to be caused by breast cancer. 2. Lymph nodes without pain are located in the armpit, around the ear, head and neck, abdomen and femur, jaw, and the back of the occiput. If one or several lymph nodes are swollen for unknown reasons, and there is no any If the pain is hard to touch, it may be a lymphatic tumor. In addition, chronic textile erythrocytic sepsis may also cause this symptom. 3. Hematuria without pain If there is bloody sputum or blood in the urine, but there is no pain, then you should be vigilant. This is likely to be an early symptom of prostate cancer or kidney cancer. If the urine is bloody and accompanied by If you feel pain in the abdominal cavity, then there may be urogenital stones. 4. Skin keratosis without pain If there are symptoms of keratosis without pain on the skin surface, such as a ring-shaped rash on the skin surface, which is uneven, and the surface is still adhered to gray-black or yellow-brown scabs, then it is necessary to Be vigilant, this is likely to be the first symptom of skin cancer, skin keratosis caused by skin cancer, usually occurs on the arms and face. 5. Gastritis without pain If the elderly suffer from gastritis, but do not feel any abdominal pain, but the stool they have recently pulled out is black, they should be vigilant. This is likely to be stomach or rectal cancer. When to go to the hospital for gastroscopy or gastrointestinal barium meal angiography. Warm reminder that many early symptoms of cancer are not obvious, so high-risk groups, such as those with family history or chronic diseases, should undergo screening at least 6 months, so that early detection and early treatment can be achieved. After all, any cancer in the early stage can get a good treatment effect. In addition, it is necessary to develop a good lifestyle, such as going to bed early and getting up early, and eating more foods with anti-cancer effects, such as cruciferous vegetables and fruits and mushrooms. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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