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Accidentally flashed to the waist? If you want to recover faster after a back sprain, try these methods

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Accidentally flashed to the waist? If you want to recover faster after a back sprain, try these methods

The waist bears most of the weight of the body, and it is also a part that needs to complete various actions, such as bending, standing, and sitting. It is a kind of sprain that often occurs in daily life, which causes the patient to suffer from backache and back pain, and seriously affects normal life and work. Therefore, it is necessary to master the treatment method of waist sprain. What should I do if I have a sprained waist? 1. Wet compress or warm compress sprain generally refers to injury to the muscles, ligaments and fascia of the waist, so symptoms such as congestion and swelling are prone to occur. When an acute lumbar sprain occurs, a cold towel can be used for the first two days. Wet compresses can make the broken small blood vessels at the sprained site shrink faster and stop bleeding, avoid bleeding or aggravate hematoma due to vasodilation, and can also reduce swelling and relieve pain. After 48 hours, you can use a warm towel to warm the body, so that the body can absorb the hematoma caused by the waist sprain more quickly. Whether it is wet or warm, it should not exceed half an hour. 2. Pay attention to rest Patients with lumbar sprain should pay attention to rest, which can alleviate various symptoms after lumbar sprain. After a lumbar sprain, it is necessary to stop everything on the hand, so that the muscles in the injured part can be fully rested to avoid further damage, which is helpful to improve the treatment effect and relieve the condition. 3. After massaging for a sprained waist, you can gently rub and massage the affected area with the palm of your hand, or you can ask your family to help you tap lightly. It is best to use your elbow to press the most painful part of the waist, usually for a few minutes. That's it, that is to point to the tender point. The tender point is actually the place where you feel the most pain when you press the waist with your fingers, which is helpful for relieving the condition. 4. If the use of medicine is a mild lumbar sprain, it is generally not necessary to apply medicine or apply medicine. It can be relieved by taking more rest. If the situation is serious, apply some medicine for traumatic injury after massage. To relieve the condition quickly, you can also take some related drugs orally under the guidance of a doctor. Be sure to avoid drug abuse, especially not to take anti-inflammatory drugs indiscriminately. Reminder: If the symptoms of a lumbar sprain are not obvious, you can treat yourself. If the treatment effect is not obvious, or there is a trend of aggravation, you should seek medical treatment in time. In addition, patients with more serious sprains, such as patients who have been unable to move normally , Go to the hospital immediately, consult a professional doctor, and then carry out symptomatic treatment, so as to avoid delaying the best time and causing the condition to become more serious. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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