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"Professor Wang shared" how to adjust the idea of ​​suicide

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"Professor Wang shared" how to adjust the idea of ​​suicide

#What kind of people are prone to suicidal ideation? According to our clinical statistics, when a person's socialization is very low and he can't find himself, he is more likely to fall into his own thinking when encountering things. When the circle he is in is getting smaller and smaller, when he encounters the impact of negative emotions, he will be deeply involved in it. Without the help of society, he was trapped and didn't know what to do or how to deal with it. At this time, it is easy to bring some somatic reactions, including: upset, chest tightness, dizziness and so on. These somatic reactions are getting more and more serious, and it is easy to lead to suicidal ideation, and you want to kill yourself. How to self-regulate suicidal ideation? For the accumulation of bad emotions, we need to release and vent them bit by bit. At the same time, we should pay more attention to what causes the inadequacy of socialization. Pictures Generally speaking, this has to do with the pattern of education a person has undergone. For example, parents punish and interfere too much with their children, resulting in the failure of self-improvement. Especially for children's doting, it is easy for children's mind and stress ability to stay in the stage of children. So when he grows up, when the external stimulation is greater than his ability to stress, he will be confused and tangled when he encounters things. A person lacks social self and independence, and his emotions and emotions are trapped in his own narrow cognition, which is related to his personality development during his growth from childhood to adulthood. Therefore, we should help him cope with various external stimuli by complementing and improving his ability to deal with things, and gradually improve his cognitive deficits and deviations.


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