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What is the connection between depression and insomnia? Which to treat first?

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What is the connection between depression and insomnia? Which to treat first?

Have you noticed that most patients with depression have more or less symptoms of insomnia? Many people who suffer from insomnia are diagnosed with depression. So, does insomnia cause depression? Or does depression cause insomnia? What is the connection between them? Which one should be treated first?

Insomnia and depression are often intertwined

Insomnia has many manifestations, the most common being difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, and easy awakening. But especially to be alert to early awakening, because the typical symptom in depression patients is early awakening, that is, early awakening is characteristic of depression. In addition, after depression is relieved, insomnia may improve; if depression recurs, the aura symptom may be insomnia; severe symptoms of depression are suicidal ideation and suicidal behavior, and insomnia will increase the risk of suicidal ideation or behavior. It is precisely because of the interweaving and entanglement of "insomnia" and "depression" that sleep intervention for patients with depression is very important.

The vicious circle between depression ⇄ insomnia

for patients with depressive disorder with a history of chronic insomnia, or core symptoms of depression after treatment In patients with significant relief but still have long-term complaints of insomnia, it is often difficult to determine the causal relationship between insomnia and depressive episodes clinically. Because the two have a negative impact on each other, insomnia and depression are like a vicious circle. Improving one aspect can reduce the probability of insomnia and depression at the same time.

How can depression and insomnia be treated?

Simple insomnia and insomnia accompanied by depression are sometimes difficult to distinguish. You should go to a professional hospital to find a doctor for detailed consultation to determine whether the patient has depression or depression. If it is pure insomnia, only insomnia treatment is needed. Although depression patients also have symptoms of insomnia, the purpose of alleviating the condition cannot be achieved by only treating insomnia. On the basis of treating depression, active Intervention for insomnia. Comprehensive intervention methods include: establishing sleep time, fixing sleep time, and maintaining regularity—that is, when to go to bed and get up, need to be regular to form a fixed wake-up time; avoid stimulant beverages in diet, quit alcohol, tobacco, coffee, etc. It's basic; don't look at your phone, watch TV in bed. In addition, some psychological intervention methods are also helpful for insomnia treatment, such as self-suggestion "believe that you can fall asleep", listening to some relaxing music, meditation, and mindfulness are all conducive to falling asleep.

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