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Can I heal myself if I have depression?

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Can I heal myself if I have depression?

For the treatment of depression, in real life, we will also encounter such a type of people. They feel that they have depression and are very disgraceful. They dare not tell their family, friends and colleagues. They often have the idea that depression is Will it heal on its own without treatment? In fact, for mental and psychological diseases such as depression, it is impossible to choose to rest at home and heal by yourself if you want to do nothing after knowing you have depression. If you choose to "take it over" by yourself, there will be greater may be getting worse. the reason is simple! ! ! For diseases such as depression, many patients may not be able to bear the ravages of depression at the time of onset, and in severe cases, they may directly choose to end their lives by themselves. Therefore, if you suffer from mental and psychological diseases such as depression, the best way is to go to a professional hospital for standardized treatment in time. For those friends who heard about cases of "self-healing" of patients with depression, they felt that they could not receive treatment and could "carry it over" on their own, but they did not jump out to see the fact clearly, which would only harm themselves. Depression treatment timing Depression is a disease. Depression is definitely not incurable, nor will it be repeated. In fact, if the treatment is timely and standardized, depression can achieve clinical recovery and return to normal life. So what is the standard of timing? Strictly speaking, the earlier a person with depression is identified and treatment begins, the better the prognosis for the patient. The most important treatment opportunity must be the first standardized systemic treatment. The treatment effect is ideal in the acute phase, adhere to the treatment dose in the consolidation phase, and insist on taking the medicine according to the doctor's advice in the maintenance phase. Generally, the patients with the first episode of depression should adhere to the maintenance period for at least 6-8 months, and the patients with the second episode of depression should adhere to 2 -3 years of maintenance treatment, if you have more than three depressions, you may insist on taking the drug for a long time, and then the doctor can help determine whether the drug can be discontinued according to the specific treatment situation. Through standardized treatment, most patients with depression can get clinical rehabilitation. Of course, in the process of treatment, self-regulation under guidance is also required. Only with the joint efforts of both parties, depression will truly stay away from us. Therefore, if you suffer from depression, it is too unreliable to pin all your hopes on the illusory "self-healing"! ! ! What should really be done is to go to the hospital, and a professional doctor will determine the severity of depression, and then the doctor will formulate a targeted diagnosis and treatment plan. Only by insisting on standardized systematic treatment can the best treatment effect be achieved. Reducing the dose at will, occasionally taking it, not taking it occasionally, or even stopping the drug on its own, is an act of interrupting the systemic treatment, which is very damaging to the treatment process of the disease, and also virtually increases the chance of recurrence of depressive symptoms. Knowledge: Depression ≠ Depression You often hear people around you say "I've been depressed recently" or "I'm depressed." So, is that really the case? In fact, some are just depression, not depression in the real sense. Faced with the troubles in life, everyone has experienced symptoms such as depression, depression, depression and other symptoms, but these are only temporary depression, not to mention is depression. Depression can often be managed through self-regulation. The characteristics of this kind of emotion are short-lived, immediate, and will not last for a long time and will not affect physical health.

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