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"Long-term insomnia should not be taken lightly" People who often suffer from insomnia, these hazards you "can't escape"

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"Long-term insomnia should not be taken lightly" People who often suffer from insomnia, these hazards you "can't escape"

In today's society, insomnia has become an important problem affecting the health of modern people. According to reports from research institutions, more than 300 million people in my country have sleep disorders, and the incidence of insomnia in adults is close to 40%. Insomnia is gradually becoming a common disease. Among them, in addition to some patients with long-term chronic insomnia, in recent years, a considerable number of patients with insomnia are related to changes in life patterns or negative emotions during the epidemic.

Medical research has shown that insomnia is harmful to the health of all kinds of people:

Men have insomnia, headache, dizziness, discordant sex life, premature ejaculation and impotence; women have insomnia and dry skin , prone to spots, dull complexion, etc.; adolescent insomnia, memory loss, decreased resistance, affecting physical growth and development; middle-aged and elderly insomnia easily induce high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke, etc. Reminder: Insomnia will lead to reduced immune function, endocrine dysfunction, various diseases, accelerated aging, and shortened human lifespan.

Insomnia does more serious damage to the patient's psychology and spirit:

Short-term insomnia: the patient will be sluggish the next day , fatigue, weakness, emotional instability, inability to concentrate. Long-term insomnia: memory impairment, inability to work, career frustration, high accident rate; in severe cases, disorientation or ataxia may occur, and severe mental disorders such as hallucinations and delusions may occur, which can easily induce mental diseases such as depression and greatly increase the suicide rate Increase!

Frequent insomnia is mostly caused by these factors

1. Psychological factors, fear of insomnia Many people who suffer from insomnia start from fear of insomnia Yes, as soon as I lie in bed every day, I worry that I won't be able to fall asleep, and I urge myself to go to sleep as soon as possible. Because the excitation and inhibition of the cerebral cortex are coordinated with each other, a cycle of sleep rhythms is formed alternately. Therefore, the more you are afraid of insomnia, the more you want to fall asleep, and the more you want to fall asleep, the more likely you are to cause insomnia. 2. Physiological factors Age, gender, hunger, satiety, fatigue and other physiological factors are also triggering factors of insomnia. Examples include the effects of the menstrual cycle and menopause, during menopause, nighttime sweats and hot flashes often interfere with sleep, and during pregnancy, insomnia is common. 3. Wrong diet If you find yourself having frequent insomnia, you should be vigilant, it may also be your own wrong diet. For example, drinking coffee regularly, consuming some foods containing caffeine, or consuming other foods makes the brain overexcited. If you consume these foods for a long time, you will be too excited to fall asleep at night. 4. There are many reasons for insomnia in the elderly. For example, the elderly always have bad emotions, which may lead to insomnia. Many elderly people are more prone to negative emotions such as loneliness and anxiety when they are alone for a long time, and some physical problems may occur in the process of negative emotions stimulating the body. The elderly suffer from negative emotions for a long time, the quality of sleep will decline, and they are more likely to suffer from insomnia. If it is related to these negative emotions, you should adjust your personal emotions in time and maintain a good attitude. In addition to some of the above factors that lead to insomnia, there are also some reasons that are caused by physical diseases, or external factors, such as noisy sounds that make it difficult to fall asleep. And how important is sleep to a person, a good sleep is the basis of a good mental state the next day, if a person does not have enough sleep, the complexion will become worse, and the work will be in a free state. Therefore, insomnia is very harmful to the human body.

Three conditions of insomnia require medical attention

Insomnia can take many forms, including difficulty falling asleep (more than 30 minutes), Light sleep, more dreams, early awakening, discomfort or tiredness after waking up, decreased total sleep time, etc. If the following conditions occur, it means that the situation is more serious and you must seek medical attention immediately. First, the duration of insomnia is too long, continuous insomnia for more than a month, and after adjusting the mentality, increasing exercise, changing bad behavior habits, and even taking traditional Chinese medicine, taking sleep health care products and drugs, etc., the insomnia still cannot be improved. Second, the degree of insomnia is relatively severe, often difficulty falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, or even staying up all night, which has a great impact on normal work, study and life. Third, while chronic insomnia symptoms appear, feel upset, restless, or unhappy all day long, not interested in many things, or have various physical symptoms for unknown reasons, such as dizziness, palpitation, fatigue Wait. Many patients did not pay attention to it in the early stage of the disease, instead of receiving treatment in time, they delayed day after day, which made the disease worse, and only hurriedly sought treatment when the disease was very serious. Some patients even went to the doctor in a panic, and after improper treatment, the condition became more and more serious. Therefore, professionals should be consulted for medical treatment, special examinations, multidisciplinary analysis, diagnosis and evaluation should be carried out according to the condition, and then targeted scientific treatment should be carried out.

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