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More than 300 million people suffer from sleep disorders. Why are young people today not sleeping well?

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More than 300 million people suffer from sleep disorders. Why are young people today not sleeping well?

About one-third of a person's life is spent in sleep, and sleep is crucial to our health. However, according to the "2021 White Paper on Exercise and Sleep", more than 300 million people in my country have sleep disorders, and good sleep has become a luxury. Some people suffer from insomnia, want to sleep but can't sleep; some people stay up all night with drowsiness... Is it so difficult to get a good night's sleep? What exactly affects our sleep?

"I don't want to sleep at night, I don't want to think about it in the morning"

For many young people, staying up late may not be uncommon. Many people have poor sleep quality, it is difficult to fall asleep every night, restless sleep is the norm, and they often have nightmares. The result is a "groggy" state the next day. There are still many people who are on vacation and often fall into the cycle of "don't want to sleep at night, don't think about it in the morning". "Anyway, you don't have to get up early the next day, and you always feel that you have a lot of time to waste. The deeper reason for staying up late may be psychological. Yes, if you don't feel like sleeping, that time is our own. There are many people who also want to go to bed earlier, but at night their minds are so awake that they can't sleep after trying their best.

"I can't sleep due to troubles, family chores, work pressure, etc."

Some people often suffer from insomnia when they encounter troubles, and in severe cases, it can last until dawn the next day. There are also some people who can’t sleep because of family chores, work pressure... These problems. Many people get older, and their bodies will protest if they lack sleep. After staying up late one day, they are sleepy at work the next day, and they fall asleep while sitting. Even if they try Regulating sleep, but not very effective, sometimes staying up late is reduced, but still insomnia due to emotional reasons.

The "sleep economy" is hot , but it can't solve the fundamental problem of sleep.

There seem to be thousands of reasons for staying up late. Someone once summed up the following reasons: For people who write, they will be more active when they are not disturbed at night; If you want to pass the time, you have more choices. But this often brings a series of problems to people's health. When they found that their sleep was troubled, many people began to seek ways to improve their sleep. Even using sleep instruments, sleep aid sprays, etc., gradually gave birth to the "sleep economy". "2018-2023 China Sleep Medical Market Analysis and Investment Prospect Research Report" pointed out that in 2017, the market size of China's sleep improvement industry is approximately 279.7 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), including 12.8 billion yuan for sleep health products, 13.4 billion yuan for sleep medicines, 250 billion yuan for sleep equipment and 3.5 billion yuan for sleep services. However, many people are trying to use eye masks and soundproof earplugs to assist sleep , After trying it, I found that the effect is average. Many sleep aid products feel effective at first, but the sleep problem cannot be solved for a long time. These sleep aid products treat the symptoms but not the root cause. For sleep disorders, etc., you need to go to a professional hospital to follow the doctor's guidelines. Treatment.

How can I improve sleep quality in my daily life?

Sleep disorders generally refer to the normal rhythmic alternation of sleep and wakefulness Disorders, abnormal sleep quantity and quality, or some clinical symptoms during sleep, such as difficulty falling asleep, dreaming and waking up early, reduced or excessive sleep, poor sleep quality, etc. Basis for the diagnosis of sleep disorders There are many, roughly divided into three categories—one is insomnia, where the patient has difficulty falling asleep, or is prone to waking up early. Normal people sleep for a few more hours, or even all day. Another category is abnormal behavior during sleep, such as sleepwalking, awakening, etc. The harm of sleep disorder is obvious: reduce the efficiency of work and study, cause aging, obesity, memory loss, etc. If you often stay up late, it will definitely be harmful to the body, it will cause hair loss, metabolic disorders... and the disorder of the biological clock will make the body's own immunity weaken and be susceptible to diseases. For the improvement of sleep problems, we can usually try to develop a good schedule and establish a scientific sleep cognition; eat a light meal for dinner and maintain a good attitude. Before going to bed, you can listen to soft music to calm down your mind; then you can use comfortable bedding to ensure a good sleeping environment. Everyone must face up to their sleep problems, and don’t take medicines by themselves. Once sleep problems occur, you should seek medical attention in time, diagnose as soon as possible, and scientifically treat the symptoms.


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