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Suicide rate of bipolar disorder remains high, how to persuade patients to commit suicide

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Suicide rate of bipolar disorder remains high, how to persuade patients to commit suicide

Bipolar affective disorder is called bipolar disorder. Compared with depression, the suicide rate of bipolar disorder is higher than that of unipolar depression. Most of the suicides of patients choose suicide under the constant torture of two emotions. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, the global average incidence of bipolar disorder is 2%-3%, and it can be as high as 5%-7% in some countries or regions. Bipolar disorder mainly occurs in early adulthood. Based on domestic and foreign survey data, most of the patients are between 20-30 years old, more common before the age of 25, and the peak age of onset is 15-19 years old. In China, patients with bipolar disorder account for 1%-1.5% of the total number of patients with various mental disorders. With such a high suicide rate, how to effectively dissuade relatives with bipolar disorder around them? First of all, maintain a high vigilance for suicidal language. If the following high-risk language appears, family members must stop arguing with the patient. u "It doesn't matter anymore" u "They can't hurt me anymore." u "They'll miss me when I'm gone" u "You'll regret it when I'm gone" u "Next time I'll definitely swallow it Enough suicide pills." u "Don't worry, I don't need to deal with all this anymore." u "I won't get in your way anymore." When these situations occur, you must not follow your own ideas. To exhort, we must think about the problem from the patient's point of view, and to appease the patient's emotions, we must communicate with the patient on an equal footing. Remember not to use aggressive tactics, (such as "you are so useless", "or whatever you want") to appease the patient's emotions, you can refer to the following methods l Keep your promises and really work with the patient to find a way l Ask those who want to commit suicide The specific method is to understand the patient's thoughts of suicide, and take precautions in advance. l Take the patient to a mental illness hospital or a psychological clinic. l For patients with mental illness, their trust in the outside world is basically 0, so family members should stay by the patient's side and patiently persuade and appease them.

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