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Depression rates are low! Understand it correctly, if you are depressed for more than two weeks, you need to see a doctor

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Depression rates are low! Understand it correctly, if you are depressed for more than two weeks, you need to see a doctor

In the past 20 years, the incidence of depression in China has increased by 8-10 times, of which 2.5% of severely ill patients require hospitalization. Although depression has become a "social disease" to a certain extent, most people do not know enough about it, and the medical treatment rate for depression in my country is less than 10%. The traditional character of Chinese people is more forbearance, and they are used to repressing things in their hearts. At the same time, it is also the mentality of love of face and family shame that cannot be made public. Patients often regard depression as a shameful thing and are reluctant to see a psychiatrist. Stigma is a common reaction of most patients and their families, and that's what doctors worry about. The reasons for the low rate of medical treatment for depression include: first, lack of knowledge of mental health, lack of a clear understanding of the symptoms of depression, or patients refusing to seek medical treatment because they do not think they are sick; second, physical symptoms caused by depression. Symptoms of depression are masked due to discomfort and delays in treatment. It is understood that in China, only 5% of depression patients have received treatment, and a large number of patients have not received timely diagnosis and treatment, and their conditions have deteriorated. In fact, 70% of the population has experienced depression at least once in their lifetime. "Very depressed!" is a mantra that people often talk about when they are in a bad mood. Mental illness, numerous manifestations of insomnia, irritability, chronic pain, long-term fatigue, bad mood, unhappiness, or disinterest in anything, may all be symptoms of depression. Depression may exist in our loved ones, colleagues, or ourselves, and what's worse -- the vast majority of people turn a blind eye to the threat. Depression is a common mental disorder, and it is not scary. What is scary is that patients are unable to extricate themselves in such a state for a long time, and they are taboo to avoid medical treatment. "Depression" is like any other disease: the more you avoid it, the more it spreads; only by looking at yourself can it be cured.

Depression should be identified as early as possible

Pay attention to the three lows, three nos, and three freedoms of depression It is understood that the main manifestations of depression are Can be summed up as three lows, three nos and three selfs. Three lows: low mood, slow thinking, and reduced behavior (in severe cases, it is difficult to take care of yourself), which are the three main symptoms of depression; three nonesses: uselessness, helplessness, and hopelessness. Talking about yourself is useless, the future is dark; the three-self: self-blame, self-guilt, suicide, suicide is the most serious consequence.

Depressed mood for more than two weeks requires immediate medical attention

It is normal to experience depression in the face of life changes, setbacks and other problems. However, if the emotions cannot be expressed and relieved for a long time, it is necessary to seek professional help. In addition, family members should also find out in time, don't think that "it's just emotional", if they are still depressed for more than two weeks, and even they are unable to take care of themselves, they should take the patient to see a doctor in time. Adolescents are a high-risk group of depression, and parents need to pay special attention to the changes in their children.

Adhering to standardized treatment can cure 80% of patients

Some patients with depression are reluctant to take medicine, thinking that after taking medicine, their condition will be better Not good, but also afraid of the side effects of the drug; while other patients are taking the drug without authorization. Two to three pills were supposed to be taken, but the patient did not take the dose prescribed by the doctor. Decrease or increase the amount at will. Then there is the mistaken belief that after taking antidepressants, the effect should be seen immediately within a few days. However, unlike other fast-acting drugs, all antipsychotics take at least one to two weeks to start working. The patient feels that he has improved, and he cannot stop the medication without authorization. In addition, some patients believe that depression can be cured by itself. In fact, the symptoms of depression are difficult to relieve on their own without treatment, and they will gradually worsen. At present, the use of comprehensive methods such as drug therapy combined with physical instrument therapy, psychological therapy, and rehabilitation guidance is very effective. Through scientific and standardized treatment, 80% of patients can achieve clinical cure. Therefore, patients must be identified as soon as possible, seek medical treatment in time, and carry out systematic and standardized treatment with the help of doctors.

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