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Women's Day ‖Focus on women's mental health, what mental diseases are women prone to suffer from?

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Women's Day ‖Focus on women's mental health, what mental diseases are women prone to suffer from?

To/respect/every/one/bit/to/not/from/of/her spring is here as promised. We usher in the 112th International Women's Day, which is a festival that belongs to women themselves. On the March 8th Women's Day, I wish women all over the world: life is always smooth, and smiles are always full of smiles! Mental illness has become a hidden pain in today's society. In China, the number of patients is increasing year by year. "Blue Book of Mental Health: Report on the Development of Chinese National Mental Health (2017-2018)" shows that the mental health index of people aged 12-18 shows a downward trend with age; the mental health index of women is significantly lower than that of men; the probability of depression and anxiety significantly higher than that of men. A study showed that the incidence of anxiety in women in general was 33.9%, and the incidence of depression was 30.3%.

The reasons for the high incidence of mental and psychological diseases in women

1. Women's endocrine system is more sophisticated and complex than men's in terms of physiology. Hormonal fluctuations are more cyclical. For example, the monthly aunt, I believe that many sisters have experienced PMS: physical discomfort and significant emotional fluctuations a week before menstruation, which is caused by the decline in the levels of estrogen and progesterone. The emergence of women's psychological problems is often the result of physiological and environmental factors, and long-term family and social pressure has an important impact. 2. Social and family factors During adolescence, incidents such as school bullying, verbal violence, and puppy love and lovelornness are attacked; gender discrimination in the workplace is widespread. Considering that women need to be pregnant and breastfeeding, the energy allocated to work is limited, and the same education and ability Under certain conditions, some companies often give priority to recruiting men. It is conceivable to imagine how much mental pressure is there, and the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace is more common. In addition, women have to bear the responsibility of giving birth and raising offspring, and also face the pressure of professional competition. Under such pressure for a long time, it will cause mental stress and even mental health problems.

Which mental illnesses are women more likely to suffer from?

Anxiety Anxiety is the most common mental illness among female friends. Female friends are more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders than men, because female friends have poor psychological endurance. If there are some problems in family life or work Problems will lead to psychological setbacks, or sudden death of relatives, conflicts in interpersonal relationships and other factors. When the heart is strongly stimulated, anxiety disorders are prone to occur. The common manifestations of anxiety disorders are lack of security in peacetime, always feel that others are harming you, and often feel that the worst thing is happening, often feel an inexplicable sense of crisis, and often feel restless and upset in peacetime chaos. At the same time, it is accompanied by autonomic dysfunction and somatic symptoms, such as numbness of fingers, cold limbs, oppression in the chest, loss of appetite, and burning sensation in the stomach. Depression The prevalence of depression in women tends to be higher than in men, about twice as high, and may ultimately be the result of a combination of biological, social and psychological factors. Women suffering from depression are mainly in a trance, unable to concentrate, insomnia and dreaming, listless, taciturn, unwilling to contact the outside world, lack of motivation, etc.; severe cases are depressed, pessimistic, hopeless, and have suicidal tendencies and behaviors.

Why women are more likely to suffer from depression

Excessive stress: Life is not easy, and many women suffer from the stress of life . For example, the pressure of studying, no matter how much effort you make, you still cannot achieve your goals; for example, the pressure at work, you have to work overtime every day to complete the workload... When the pressure keeps accumulating in the heart and cannot be released, It can easily lead to depression. Caused by unhealthy body: A woman's body is always unhealthy, and if she is tortured by disease, it is easy to lead to depression. When they are sick, the patient's physical strength will be continuously weakened by the pain, and the pressure they feel inside will continue to grow. If this continues for a long time, the patient will feel very tired, and even feel pessimistic about life, and feel that ending life as soon as possible is a relief. Often like to think wildly: For menopausal women, there are always endless things in their minds, and they suddenly start to guess about various characters in their lives, such as their husbands and children, and want to arouse others I pay attention, but I am afraid of being discovered, so I usually just close the door and think about these things silently by myself. I always like to complicate some simple things, sometimes I can think about it for an afternoon, and I like to think about things in a bad way, but I often don't like to think about some positive things. Too pessimistic: Everyone's personality is different, and some women are always pessimistic. Not only do you have no self-confidence in yourself, but you even feel pessimistic about your life. For this kind of person, it seems that everything is uncomfortable and pessimistic, and there is nothing in life that makes her feel happy. The spirit is hit: There are many things in life that can make women's spirits take a hit, such as the experience of emotional failure, economic loopholes, the death of a loved one, etc. The occurrence of these things is likely to greatly stimulate the spirit of women. For this kind of woman, it takes time to adjust the spirit, slowly regain confidence, forget the sadness and pain, and get back on your feet. If female friends are unwilling to face and face up to the devastation that depression can cause, then the disease will be more likely to take advantage of it, eroding helpless patients and pushing them into the abyss. Neurasthenia Neurasthenia is a disease of the brain's advanced nervous system caused by long-term excessive tension, heavy mental burden and other negative emotions and extreme fatigue. When women are in a tense mood for a long time or have a heavy mental burden, they are prone to suffer from the disease. Patients with neurasthenia often show irritability, easy excitement and other emotions, and sometimes have headaches, dizziness and other phenomena, resulting in inability to concentrate. Female friends suffering from mental illness will not only affect their physical and mental health, but also bring inconvenience to family relationships and interpersonal communication. Therefore, female friends should learn to release psychological pressure and keep themselves away from various mental illnesses.

How can women care for their mental health?

1. Don't take feelings as the only sustenance to create your own independent spiritual world. There is no need to completely revolve around husbands, children, and families, and focus on the larger world outside the family. Realize the value and pursuit of your life. When you are independent in economy and personality, your heart will naturally be bright and cheerful. 2. Reject and resist unreasonable demands to follow your own opinions, listen to your true thoughts, and dare to refuse and resist unreasonable demands: such as unfair job placement, workplace sexual harassment, domestic violence and other demands. Legal protection is available if necessary. 3. Dare to face difficult problems and do not escape. Research has found that those who bravely face negative and adverse events have a better recovery of mentality than those who escape. When we face it bravely, a great sense of achievement will sweep away anxiety and depression, which is much more comfortable than escaping. It doesn’t matter if we can’t solve the difficulties. 4. Definite mental and psychological diseases, standardized treatment The public generally misunderstands depression and anxiety disorders, thinking that they are purely psychological problems. In fact, these mental and psychological diseases are accompanied by physical lesions. If you have a definite mental illness and relying on self-regulation or psychological counseling is no longer effective, then don’t take it hard, and actively receive treatment as soon as possible. In fact, everyone will have a mental illness more or less, so when you find yourself suffering from a mental illness, you should treat it scientifically and rationally, communicate more with your family and friends, and seek professional help in time if necessary, and don’t face it alone to avoid illness aggravated.


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