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Depression must not be taken lightly, the number of depressed patients is really increasing

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Depression must not be taken lightly, the number of depressed patients is really increasing

With more and more people's attention and discussion, people can't help but ask: Are there more and more people suffering from depression in this era? Are there really more people with depression, or has it become an epidemic because of so much talk? Many people have a lot of confusion about depression. We often see that people with depression will have a tendency to commit suicide. There are even many celebrities who choose to commit suicide after suffering from depression, which is embarrassing. Therefore, depression must not be taken lightly.

What are the specific symptoms of depression?

1. Depression continues, feeling empty and worthless. People have a little misunderstanding about depression. They always think that patients with depression are "sad" and "sad" every day. Not so. There are some people with depression who are more accurately described as feeling empty and worthless. The opposite of "depression" is not "happy", but "lively". 2. Surge/loss of appetite, significant weight change Human emotions are always related to appetite. A more stringent diagnosis is a change in body weight of more than 5% within a month. Deliberate weight loss and weight gain are not counted. 3. Behavioral changes (irritability/slowness of movement) Depressed patients tend to have behavioral changes that can be observed by others: slowed action and thinking. The emphasis here is on "change" that is invisible to others. For example, a person who used to be neat and tidy suddenly became sloppy and unkempt. A person who used to be very clever, but recently his thinking has been very confusing. Once suffering from the disease, it will bring great harm to the patient, so the patient must be treated in time and must be paid attention to. Hazards of depression - 1. Serious psychological disorders Depressed patients are often accompanied by emotional problems such as irritability, irritability, anxiety, and even mild fantasy symptoms and fear symptoms, which can affect the mental health of patients. have a huge negative impact. 2. Harm to physical health "Depression is like a black hole, if you are not careful, you will suck yourself into it." This is the personal experience of many patients with depression. According to experts, the main features of depression are not only significant and persistent low mood, but also physical symptoms such as slow thinking, fatigue and weakness. Depressed patients often experience repeated or persistent headaches, dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, general weakness, palpitations, appetite disturbances, weight loss and other physical problems.

The recognition rate and treatment rate of depression are significantly insufficient

World Health Organization data show that between 2005 and 2015, the global depression The number of confirmed diagnoses increased by 18.4%, while the world population grew by only 12.7% during the same period, and the growth rate of global depression incidence significantly exceeded the population growth rate. According to data from the Chinese Health Commission, the prevalence of depression in my country is on the rise, with the prevalence of depression reaching 2.1% in December and the lifetime prevalence of 3.4%. What is worrying is that compared with the high prevalence rate, the recognition rate and treatment rate of depression are obviously insufficient. The latest data published in "The Lancet Psychiatry" in 2021 shows that respondents suffering from depression. Among them, only 9.5% received psychiatric-related services, and only 0.5% received adequate treatment. Although the incidence of depression continues to increase and topics related to depression are more and more discussed, the reality is that the proportion of people with untreated depression in the entire patient population is still very high. Therefore, when someone around you thinks that he may have an emotional problem, rather than suspecting that he is exaggerating or moaning, maybe he or she should be more concerned about what is wrong with him/her.

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