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How can psychological counseling really help?

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How can psychological counseling really help?

How can psychological counseling really help? The work object of a psychological counselor is called a visitor, also called a seeker, which itself is a relationship between helping and being helped, similar to a teacher and a student, a relationship between counseling and being counseled. Since the consultation fee is generally not low, the visitor is basically They are all people who are more serious, feel very distressed, have serious damage to their social functions, or are unable to work and study normally, while those who have a little emotional disturbance and spend a few days to resolve on their own rarely do counseling. It is said that heart disease requires heart medicine. In fact, most people with psychological problems are anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hypochondriasis, phobia, depression, bipolar disorder, severe insomnia, severe weariness from school, and even those who drop out of school. They want to adjust through psychological counseling, get rid of pain, eliminate symptoms, and work and study normally, but let many people down, spend a lot of money, find a lot of psychological counselors, and even pay a lot of money, not afraid of the trouble of going to well-known universities and hospitals to find them Professors, chief physicians, and psychologists, feel the same after the treatment, whether it is unpleasant or unpleasant, or unable to work and study normally. Whether it is the patient himself or his family, he is very confused. Exactly what kind of psychological counseling can help the client, first of all, we must know what the client needs and whether the counselor has it, just like going to the supermarket to buy things. The client has symptoms, is in pain, cannot work and study normally, is afraid every day, worries about gains and losses, and is trembling. This needs the help of a psychologist to solve it. is harmful. Whether the psychologist can give the visitor what they want depends on whether the psychologist understands the pathogenesis and causes of various mental illnesses, whether he understands the principle of insomnia, and whether he understands the formation mechanism of study weariness. The consultant is clear about these, and on the premise of the cooperation of the client, the effect of the consultation must not be wrong. In reality, there are not many psychological counselors who really understand the psychological structure of the clients, which makes many psychological counseling ineffective.

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