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What is neurasthenia, what are the main symptoms and hazards?

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What is neurasthenia, what are the main symptoms and hazards?

You may often hear someone say that working overtime, staying up late, and staying up all night makes you feel nervous. So what is a real neurasthenia? Neurasthenia is a neurosis characterized by mental excitability and fatigue. Common symptoms can be manifested as emotional abnormalities, such as tension, worry, irritability, etc., and physiological function disorders, such as muscle tension pain, sleep disturbance, etc. Neurasthenia is more common in young and middle-aged people, and the elderly also have neurasthenia, but it is necessary to rule out the possibility of physical organic diseases.

So what are the symptoms of neurasthenia?

1. Lack of mental power. Fatigue patients often feel lack of energy, depression or mental retardation, unable to concentrate, decreased memory, and decreased work efficiency. 2. General activities sensitive to internal and external stimuli, such as reading, reading, newspapers, etc. After watching TV and other activities, not only can I not relax my nerves and relieve fatigue, but I am so excited that I can't help imagining that I should sleep, but I can't help but recall, think of old things, and make it difficult to fall asleep due to nervous excitement. In addition, patients are particularly sensitive to ambient sounds and light sources. 3. Patients with large mood swings are irritable and irritable, lack tolerance, and patients with neurasthenia, due to weakened internal inhibition, are easily excited when encountering accidents or are stimulated, and thus lack the patience and necessary waiting of normal people. 4. Tension pain patients with neurasthenia usually feel a heavy head, a swollen head, a sense of pressure in the head, or stiffness in the neck, which is also manifested as waist and limb muscle pain. Pain levels were not significantly related to fatigue and were not relieved even by rest. 5. In patients with insomnia and neurasthenia, due to the reduced inhibition of the cerebral cortex, the nerves are easily excited, and the sleep is not easy to cause general inhibition to spread, it is difficult to fall asleep or not deep enough, easy to wake up or the sleep time is too short, or it is difficult to fall asleep after waking up.

What are the dangers of neurasthenia?

Hazard 1 of neurasthenia: It simply leads to severe pain. It is usually caused by a violent emotion, most commonly a severe headache. Patients experience a heavy, swollen, stuffy head, or a stiff neck, and some present with muscle pain in the back and extremities. There was no apparent relationship between the degree of pain and fatigue, and it was not relieved even by rest. The manifestations of pain are often messy and can be persistent or intermittent, and in some patients, dull or stabbing pain. In general, severe pain in patients with neurasthenia is complex but closely related to severe emotions. The hazard of neurasthenia 2: It is easy to cause insomnia and dreaminess. Sleep is one of the best ways for the human brain to rest. Generally speaking, about 1/3 of life is spent in sleep. During sleep, the lower cortex of the cerebral cortex is in a state of widespread depression, regulated by specific centers in the brainstem, allowing the brain to reorganize, reorganize, and recover. The three hazards of neurasthenia: cause mental and physical obstacles. Patients may experience dizziness, dizziness, palpitations, chest tightness, shortness of breath, frequent urination, sweating, impotence, premature ejaculation, irregular menstruation, etc. The four hazards of neurasthenia: it is easy to cause other mental diseases. Anxiety and depression are one of the basic symptoms of many neurasthenia patients. Anxiety can be a secondary symptom of fatigue, memory impairment, and insomnia. Patients often worry or worry too much about some real-life problems, as well as some unexpected risks that may arise in the future. For patients with neurasthenia, the most important thing is to achieve early detection, early treatment, and actively cooperate with drugs for conditioning treatment. It is recommended that patients adopt the method of traditional Chinese medicine, one person, one side, targeted drug treatment, starting from the source, and fundamentally solving the problem of neurasthenia. If you have any questions that you don't understand, you can click on my avatar to follow me, and send me a private message. I will reply one by one when I see it. See you in the next issue.

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