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Bipolar disorder is the disorder with the highest suicide rate in the psychological field

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Bipolar disorder is the disorder with the highest suicide rate in the psychological field

"The threat to human beings in the nineteenth century was lung disease; the threat to human beings in the twentieth century was cancer; the greatest threat in the twenty-first century was mental illness..." - Nan Huaijin Bipolar Disorder, also known as bipolar disorder, suffers from it Patients will have depression and bipolar disorder at the same time, so it is called bipolar disorder. The two symptoms are quite extreme, with both depressive and manic episodes of the disorder. The manic phase is characterized by excitement, excitement, optimism, and high emotions; depression is the other extreme, which is pessimism, sluggishness, low emotions, slow thinking, and motor inhibition. The two can alternately occur in a cycle, with one stage turning sadness into joy, and another stage turning joy into worry. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, the global average incidence of bipolar disorder is 2%-3%, and it can be as high as 5%-7% in some countries or regions. Bipolar disorder mainly occurs in early adulthood. Based on domestic and foreign survey data, most of the patients are between 20-30 years old, more common before the age of 25, and the peak age of onset is 15-19 years old. In China, patients with bipolar disorder account for 1%-1.5% of the total number of patients with various mental disorders. According to relevant statistics, the suicide risk of patients with bipolar disorder is 10 times that of the general population. 25-50% of patients with bipolar disorder have committed suicide, and 11-19% die by suicide. Young patients are especially prone to occur in the first year after their first diagnosis. suicide. According to the survey data, the suicide rate of males is 8%, and the suicide rate of females is 5%. People with bipolar disorder still have the highest rates of suicide within psychiatric disorders. Although both belong to mood disorders, bipolar disorder has a more complex clinical presentation than depressive disorder, and the suicide rate is higher than that of unipolar depression. The vast majority of suicides in bipolar patients occur during a depressive episode or a mixed depressive state.

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