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what is hypochondriasis

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what is hypochondriasis

Hypochondria, just like his name, is simply a mental symptom that always unconsciously feels that he is suffering from a serious physical disease. Because of some symptoms, patients suspect that they have a certain disease and seek medical treatment repeatedly. Even if I take the health examination report, I still feel that I have made a mistake or misdiagnosed. Sometimes small changes in the body can cause the patient to be alert, inadvertently exaggerated or misinterpreted, and become evidence of a serious illness. This doubt has affected the normal life of patients and brought pain. Although hypochondriasis is always some disease imagined by the patient, but hypochondriasis is not a delusion; the patient knows that the evidence of his disease is insufficient, so he is eager to further confirm the diagnosis and treatment through repeated examinations. Negative, the doctor's patient explanation and repeated assurances could not dispel their doubts, and even doubt the reliability of the test results, feel disappointed and dissatisfied with the doctor's explanation, still insist on their own hypochondriacal concept, and continue to go to various hospitals to repeatedly request examination or treatment. The chief complaint of hypochondriasis can lead to many manifestations: 1) Physiological vigilance: increased vigilance and anxiety, sleep disturbance; 2) attention to the body; close monitoring of the body, attention to information consistent with the disease concerned, preoccupation with thoughts and rumination Somatic complaints; 3) Behaviors to avoid or examine physical illness: avoidance (such as physical exertion or contact with illness), using stereotyped views and behaviors to guide diet or lifestyle, repeated self-tests, self-searching for information about illnesses on the Internet, and then Check in.

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