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Xuzhou Depression: Causes and Harms of Postpartum Depression

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Xuzhou Depression: Causes and Harms of Postpartum Depression

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Women need care, especially for mothers. After ten months of pregnancy, plus the task of taking care of the baby alone after giving birth, it is inevitable that there will be a big gap in the heart, which will easily lead to a great impact on the heart and depression. The disease can do a lot of damage to the patient's heart. Causes of postpartum depression Postpartum depression is related to hormonal factors, physical factors, genetic factors, social factors, and psychological factors, all of which can lead to postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is a mental illness that threatens the physical safety of the victim. Affected by depression, postpartum women's lactation function will decline, and there will also be a lack of language communication and family affection. In the long run, this can easily lead to a decline in the baby's language skills when taking care of the baby, and a poor relationship with the parents. The dangers of postpartum depression If postpartum depression is not treated in time, it can easily lead to great suffering for patients with depression, which will not only harm mothers, but also affect parents and babies. At the same time, the mother's character will become more and more withdrawn, paranoid, and even suicidal. Postpartum depression is a very harmful disease that may harm the baby and cause great harm to the normal development and life of the baby. Therefore, if it is found that the mother has symptoms of depression, active treatment is very important, and family members should also pay more attention, which is a good way to prevent the disease. If postpartum depression is not actively treated, the mother will be highly stressed and the pressure will not be released. Extreme pessimism and world-weariness may occur, seriously interfering with daily life. Therefore, postpartum depression needs to be treated in time. Some pregnant women with depression are affected by the condition and become quite grumpy. If they feel the child is crying in the middle of the night, they will do something extreme to the child. In order to avoid this kind of harm, families of depressed patients should pay more attention to them, understand them more, and help them get out of the shadow of depression as soon as possible.

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