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Bipolar disorder relapses 6 times in 11 years of hospitalization

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Bipolar disorder relapses 6 times in 11 years of hospitalization

Original article, misappropriation must investigate chronic mental diseases, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, which are diseases with a very high recurrence rate. Patients need to take drugs every day to avoid disease recurrence, but the actual situation is that they refuse to take medicine and forget to take medicine. There are not a few patients, and some people do not even feel that they are sick and do not need to take medicine. This behavior of self-stopping without a physician's evaluation will lead to an increased relapse rate. After relapse, more drugs may have to be taken, higher doses, longer treatment times, and more side effects. Not necessarily able to get better control. Xiaomei is 30 years old this year. She was still in college 11 years ago. She suddenly couldn't sleep at night. She was depressed during the day and was not interested in anything. Her memory was impaired and her reaction was slow. She felt that life was meaningless. , was diagnosed with depression at that time, took citalopram and other drugs, and was discharged after remission. After being discharged from the hospital, Xiaomei secretly stopped the medicine because she didn't want her classmates to know that she was sick, but it didn't take long for her to feel that someone was targeting her and talking about her behind her back. Seeing dark shadows that others can't see, talking nonsense that I can see ghosts, I am very excited during the day, and I don't need to sleep at night, my temper becomes more and more irritable, I always have disputes with my classmates, and beat my parents after returning home. , smashed the kitchen utensils at home, went to the doctor again and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He was hospitalized for 6 times with medication, and took citalopram, quetiapine, paliperidone, aripiprazole and other antipsychotic drugs. No significant improvement. Some studies have found that the brain structure of patients with bipolar disorder who take the drug steadily is not much different from that of ordinary people, but the brain degeneration of those with multiple recurrences after stopping the drug is quite serious. It will increase by four times, and multiple recurrences will cause damage to the brain and increase the patient's drug resistance. Follow-up doses need to be doubled, making it more difficult to treat. Therefore, patients with bipolar disorder must remember not to reduce the dosage or stop the drug without authorization. If there is a need, they should consult the attending doctor, and the doctor will decide whether to adjust the drug plan according to the patient's situation. If the patient has developed into a refractory bipolar disorder, surgery is more recommended in cases where drug therapy is not effective like Xiaomei. In September 2022, Xiaomei, accompanied by her parents, went to our department for surgery. On the eighth day after the operation, there was no obvious abnormality in the neurosurgical examination. Xiaomei’s mood was stable, and she was able to take care of herself in life. The original relationship delusions and depression were basically relieved. Family affection returned, and her relationship with her father improved. She is also very polite to people, and can recall her home address. When asked how she feels now, Xiaomei said to herself, "It's much better than when she first came, and she's not so anxious, and her mood is not so impulsive. She sleeps well at night. There is no hallucinations and delusions, and my mood is much calmer. After returning home, I can help the family to deliver goods together, reducing the burden on the family.” Video loading...

What can I do for the patient as a family member of bipolar disorder?

First of all, psychological Support, continue to support the patient, let the patient relieve their inner feelings, play the role of a listener rather than a guide, and more importantly, encourage the patient to accept the facts and start anew. The second is the monitoring of drug status, helping the patient to take the medicine according to the doctor's order. If the patient has any discomfort after taking the medicine, he can discuss with the doctor, do not reduce the dose by yourself, and do not overdose. The next step is to monitor the symptoms. The patient may experience mania again, or it may turn into depression. If the symptoms can be detected and treated in time, the attack can often be alleviated or avoided. The last is the choice of treatment methods. Patients with early bipolar disorder should take medicines on time and according to the amount. Most patients will get better treatment, and the remaining part of patients with poor drug efficacy should be helped to choose surgical treatment to eliminate symptoms. Encourage patients to gradually contact the society, restore normal social function, and rebuild harmonious family and society.

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