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What's the matter with the "Egg" feeling dull pain? Beware of 5 Testicular Abnormal Diseases

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What's the matter with the "Egg" feeling dull pain? Beware of 5 Testicular Abnormal Diseases

The testis is an important reproductive organ for men. The production and maturation of sperm must be completed in the testicle, and the testis also produces testosterone. Once there is a problem with the testis, such as testicular abnormality or testicular pain, it will cause double damage to the body and mind of men. Therefore, it is necessary to keep abreast of the diseases that may cause testicular abnormalities or testicular pain. After all, the sooner most diseases are treated, the better the effect. What diseases are associated with testicular pain? 1. Cryptorchidism Generally, the testicles will enter the scrotum by themselves in the late stage of development of the fetus, but there are also some special cases. About 3% of full-term male infants and 30% of premature male infants will have cryptorchidism. Among these babies, more than 90% of the testicles will descend into the scrotum on their own after a few months of birth, and about 0.8% of male infants still have their testicles not descended into the scrotum one year after birth and need to receive relevant treatment. 2. Ectopic testis Ectopic testis refers to the fact that when the testis falls from the groin, it does not descend to the correct position. The probability of this situation is relatively low. The treatment method is roughly the same as that of cryptorchidism. Generally, surgical treatment should be considered. Usually Orchiopexy surgery may be recommended before puberty to help restore normal testicle function. 3. Polyrchiosis refers to the number of testes more than two, but generally not more than three, and in most cases, the number of the left side is more than the right side. The extra testis can hardly develop normally, and if it is not treated for a long time, there may be a chance of atrophy or malignant transformation. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the extra testis as soon as possible. 4. Synchronic testis refers to the combination of the testes on both sides, which sometimes occurs in the scrotum and sometimes in the abdominal cavity. This disease is mostly accompanied by other congenital malformations, and most patients cannot be normal. Live to adulthood. 5. Testicular hypoplasia Testicular hypoplasia is mostly due to problems with the blood supply of the fetus in the mother, or the torsion of the spermatic cord when the testis descends. In addition, cryptorchidism, sexual immaturity and hypopituitarism may also be Can lead to testicular hypoplasia. If it is only unilateral testicular hypoplasia, no special treatment is generally required. Kindly remind that the symptoms of these diseases are particularly obvious, which can usually be found at a young age. It is recommended to actively go to the hospital for examination and treatment to avoid threats to male reproductive function, physical health and life. In addition, men with normal development should also pay attention to protecting the testicles, because the testicles are relatively fragile. Once they are violently hit or squeezed, they may have problems or cause severe pain, which will affect the male reproductive function and physical health. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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